May 152014
Representative Joe Garcia Picks His Ear And ‘Eats’ It

Congressman Joe Garcia of Florida has gone viral over the week, and not in a good way. During a House Judiciary Committee markup last week, Joe was caught on camera picking his ear and then apparently eating whatever was on his finger. Of course, he probably wasn’t eating anything–and he claims just that–but that hasn’t stopped this C-SPAN clip from going viral with over 1.5 million views!


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Jan 032014
Should We Eat Bugs

Bugs and creepy crawlers ‘ick’ out most Westerners, but for many people around the world, bugs are a regular item on the menu. 

For centuries, we humans have been eating bugs of all sorts for their nutrition and protein. 

So, should we start eating bugs again now as the world struggles with food productivity? TED-Ed discusses the topic in this trending animation.


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Oct 202013
The Most Horrifying Parasites

Popular education channel Asap SCIENCE has left viewers uneasy after reviewing the most horrifying parasites ever just in time for Halloween.

These disturbing buggers, worms, and lice can enter the body in countless ways, from a mosquito bite to eating raw fish. Your best form of defense is to make sure to fully cook your food and wash your hands!



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Jul 112013

Remember that nasty Nickelodeon GAK slime product from the 90′s. Man, did it stink. But it was fun. 

Popular Household Hacker has stepped forward to show viewers how to make their own homemade green slime. All you need is 500ml of Polyvinyl Alcohol and 50ml of borax Solution.

You know, just regularly found common kitchen spices. If you happen to be low on borax, you can just buy the kit here


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Jun 302013

The Southwest is being cooked. Literally, with temperatures well over 100, even 110 F degrees. Adam Clement had to respond to an F-16 crash in the crazy heat and showed the camera just how hot it was in his special hazmat Level-B suit.

When he took his boots off his feet were literally dripping with sweat. When he turned his boot, a cup or two of sweat poured out. Yeesh. 


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