Apr 292014
Davenport University Student Fails Back Flip At Graduation Commencement

What’s more embarrassing than slipping on stage at your college graduation commencement? How about falling on your head? One Davenport University student was unlucky enough to do just that at this year’s graduation.

The student tried to pull off a back-flip after receiving his diploma in a move that seemed pre-planned. Sadly, he failed his back-flip and landed on his head. 

Now, his fail has gone viral! He wanted attention, he got it!



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Jul 022013

Ahh, the iconic Friends introduction. Even kids who are graduating college today recognize the popular 90’s sitcom. 

As a great way to celebrate graduation, a few ‘friends’ from Elon University decided to recreate the famous introduction to digitally seal their friendship forever. 

The students did such a great job, Allee Willis, the author of the song I’ll Be There For You, even contacted David Gwynn to let him know that a great job he and his buddies did on the recreation. 

“I wrote I’ll Be There For You. Excellent job!” he posted on the YouTube video. 

Now, the video has gone viral, garnering over 125,000 hits, and appearing on LaughingSquid, CollegeHumor, and BlameItOnTheVoices


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Jun 042013

Oprah was just trending after Harvard published her Commencement speech to the graduating class of 2013. But graduation season has only begun.

The latest celeb to make a splash online is web favorite Bill Nye The Science Guy who addressed the 2013 graduates of Lehigh University.

Bill “challenged graduates to nurture the “joy of discovery” and bring their talents, insights and education to bear in solving the world’s most complex problems.”


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Jun 032013

Naturally, graduates of Harvard enjoy commencement speakers of a higher caliber. But the class of 2013 were extra lucky, as world famous Oprah Winfrey was their guest of honor to speak at commencement. 

Harvard published video of the speech over the weekend, which has been seen over a quarter million views, and is covered on publications including Reuters, Forbes, and HarvardMagazine.


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May 242013

Graduation is upon us. Finally, after all those years of test taking and awkward dances, high school is ending for countless seniors. 

Most kids relish just thinking about being 18 and free, but Rhett and Link want to remind the youth of the severity of adulthood. They explain this in their new hilarious music video The Graduation Song


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