Feb 042016
Hide And Seek From Toddler’s Perspective Is The Cutest

Just 20 years ago, a video like this would have been impossible. But now we’re in the future! So strapping a GoPro to your toddler’s head while playing hide and seek is no big deal. And the results? Simply adorable! 


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Jan 012016
Best Of GoPro 2015

2015 sure went by fast. There have been countless Internet memes and viral videos over the past twelve months. Without a doubt, some of the coolest clips are taken on GoPro cameras. Since it’s impossible to catch every video, GoPro put together this glorious montage of the best GoPro videos from 2015. 


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Nov 302015
Guy Backpacking Across Southeast Asia With Girl Will Make You Want To See The World

Johan Kaos got to do what countless others only dream about. He and his girlfriend decided to grab whatever they could fit in a backpack and travel across Southeast Asia. They hit countries like Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Australia, and more! Johan took snippets of video with his GoPro while walking behind his girlfriend and put together this gorgeous compilation video that has instantly gone viral! 


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Nov 232015
GoPro On Dog Takes Best Wedding Video Ever

Do dogs know what’s really going on? Yes and no. Like children, they are much closer to the ground and are very good at picking up on the mood and feeling in the room. But they also can’t quite grasp the complexities of life. This concept is perfectly demonstrated in this magical wedding video. Josh and Addie Burnette had the great idea to put their GoPro on the back of their dog on their wedding day. Ryder ended up taking better wedding footage than any professional photographer could have. 


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Oct 142015
GoPro Dropped Into Pit Of Rattlesnakes

The snake is already one of the most feared creatures in the animal kingdom. But it is the rattlesnake that is probably the most famous of all for being a danger to humans. It’s no wonder so many people have a fear of snakes. While trying to get a close up of a very loud rattlesnake pit, Michael Delaney accidentally dropped his GoPro camera in. This clip has instantly gone viral with over 750,000 hits!


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