Apr 042016
Epic Golf Trick Shots

Some sports are just more exciting than others. Football, hockey, and even basketball can get your adrenaline racing just by watching it. Meanwhile, sports like golf can barely qualify as a sport. The trick shot pros at Dude Perfect want to change all that. 


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Mar 032016
Tiger Woods Watches As Kid’s First Shot At New Course Is Hole-in-One

Talk about a grand opening! Golf superstar Tiger Woods recently opened Bluejack National, a new luxury golf course. But he could have never dreamed that the first person to take a swing, an eleven year old, would score a hole in one!

Naturally, the entire crowd, and Woods, freaked out in excitement


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Nov 122015
Kangaroo Chases Golfers

Kangaroos may seem cute and cuddly with their pouches and all, but that’s only because most of us only see them in books, cartoons, and at the zoo. But in the wild, kangaroos can be very dangerous creatures. Two Australian golfers learned this the hard when when one very large kangaroo started chasing them on the golf course. Thankfully, they made it to their cart and zipped away before it could kick them. It’s like a scene out of Kangaroo Park. 


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Oct 172015
President Obama Crashes California Wedding At Golf Course

It’s always super exciting to have a celebrity guest make a cameo at wedding, but one lucky couple had one of the most famous and powerful men in the world make a surprise visit to their wedding. Videographer Sammie Starkey was doing the video work for a wedding at Torrey Pines Golf Course when President Obama just happened to be playing the 18th hole. The President came down to meet the bride and groom and wish them best. Lucky!



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