Dec 032013
What Does The Fox Say On GLEE

When you have a professional television show, you’re bound to be a little late with the Internet parodies.

Web culture moves so fast that by the time the episode has been recorded, edited, and is finally ready for launch, the topic is already old.

So you can hardly blame GLEE for only now posting this cover of the Ylvis sensation What The Fox Say. At least they do a great job. 


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Jan 182013

Glee is trending online as the weekend begins, and not for good reasons. Apparently, their latest cover of Baby Got Back sounds just a little too similar to Jonathan Coultan’s arrangement of the 1990’s one hit wonder.

Actually, it’s nearly impossible to argue that Glee didn’t completely rip off the song.

And others are paying attention. Already, the newly published cover by Glee has an over 95% negative rating. Popular websites like Wired, Salon, TheVerge, UpRoxx, and DailyDot are also covering the fiasco. 

With the way today’s world is so interconnected, you’d think someone working at Glee would realize openly stealing someone else’s arrangement would be a bad idea. There’s no taking this back Glee.   


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Apr 042012

One hit wonder Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye became an even bigger web sensation when  covered the song on just one guitar.

Now, the powerful singers on Fox’s  gave the song their best shot on their latest episode, and as expected, have gone viral themselves. 


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Nov 162011

GLEE continues to be the  hot TV show that everyone loves for their great pop song covers, and that authentic GLEE twist. Female GLEE cast stars perform in this mash up music video that is only a week old, but already has almost five million views. People love their remix of Adele’s Rumor Has It and Someone Like You so much it has been awarded YouTube’s silver medal for Recently Most Popular and the gold medal for Trending Video.


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Oct 122011

People always say it’s a man’s world, but not everything is so easy for dude. All guys want to drink fruity colorful drinks at parties and bars, but are too afraid, so just drink beer. Also, some straight dudes like the show GLEE. You got a problem with that?


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