Apr 282015
What Happens When Gay Guys See Each Other With No One Else Around

Gay guys are just like everyone else. But when gay men bump into each other and no one else is around, they are finally free to interact naturally. Film maker Brian Jordan Alvarez documents the ‘secret gay interaction’ that occurs when straight people aren’t around in this hilarious comedy sketch which has gone viral with over 750,000 views!


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Feb 252015
Conan And Billy Eichner Join Grindr

Before the online dating app Tinder was even an idea, Grindr was already a powerful force in the gay community. Similar to Tinder, Grindr is a simple smartphone app that connects mostly gay people with others in their area who want to hookup. After his video where he joins Tinder went viral, Conan O’Brien was pressured to also take a stab at Grindr, and partied with comedian Billy Eichner. 


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Jan 152015
Twins Come Out To Their Dad

Coming out to your parents is one of the most difficult steps in a gay person’s life. The Rhodes Brother twins are both gay, and have been hiding their true identities from their father for their entire lives. But they have decided to come out to the Internet, and didn’t want their dad to find out that way. So they decided to finally call him up and tell him the truth.

This emotional video has instantly gone viral with over half a million hits already!


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Dec 262014
Eminem Admits He Is Gay On ‘The Interview’

Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new movie The Interview has been all the rage in the media ever since North Korea allegedly hacked Sony Pictures and threatened the company if they released the film which pokes fun at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. After an excruciating back and forth, Sony finally released the film. 

Besides all the talk about the politics and the plot of the film, this clip featuring rap star Eminem has been trending. No one ever expected the controversial rapper to come out as gay. His acting is also surprisingly good.

Be forewarned, there is coarse language. 


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Nov 212014
Country Star Billy Gilman Comes Out In YouTube Video

American country music star Billy Gilman is trending online after the fact that he’s gay hit the Web. Billy was out with his partner when a reporter took a picture of the two together. Billy decided it would be better to come from him than a third party, and finally came out to his fans and the world in this viral video


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