May 052012

This cute pet video published by  features two adorable cats in the laziest fight ever. They ‘kitty box,’ but it really just looks like they are playing patty-cake. Finally, one cat has enough, and they stop their fighting. Or playing. You decide. 


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May 042012

Jacob Fleisher is a huge science fiction fan. He’s not an actor, but he dreams of being in a sci-fi movie or TV show. 

So for his audition tape, he’s auditioning for every sci-fi character from every sci-fi show. Or movie. 


The video is appropriately going viral on this science fiction holiday, and is featured on HuffgintonPost, HowToGeek, and IHeartChaos


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May 032012

 and the family were visiting the Portland, Oregon zoo when they went to see the lion exhibit. Baby Jack was just coincidentally wearing zebra stripes, and when he sat next to the glass, Kya the lioness went crazy trying to catch an unreachable dinner. The video is featured on HaveYouSeenThis, HyperVocal, and TheDailyWhat


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