Aug 262015
Baby Has The Best Reaction To Meeting Cat Ever

It’s always a tense moment when the family pet meets the new baby for the first time. But thankfully, the Merkley Family‘s cat gets along with the new baby great. Just watch in this precious viral video as the baby literally freaks out in the best way when they bring the cat into her crib. So cute! In less than two weeks, this touching video has amassed over 4 million views!


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Aug 092015
Guy Tries To Get Marmot To Leave His House

He doesn’t explain how it got there, but somehow, a yellow bellied marmot got into Brian Willett‘s house. Or some kind of large rodent. Either way, Brian attempted to talk to the creature to coax it to leave, but that didn’t really work very well. Imagine that. An animal that doesn’t understand English. 


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Jun 112015
Toddler Appropriately Freaks Out After Stepping In Dog Poo

Is there anything worse than walking down the street and realizing you stepped in dog poo? Actually, yes, there is something worse. This cute kid learned the hard way that the only thing worse than ruining your shoe by stepping in dog poop is stepping in the the foul stuff while barefoot! The toddler was appropriately more than upset after the accident.


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Apr 162015
Dennis Quaid’s On Set Freak Out Was A Fake By Funny Or Die

Just last week, no name YouTuber Fyq9715 published a supposedly undercover video of Dennis Quaid freaking out on set after his acting was interrupted. That video has over two million views! Well it’s no surprise, but it was a fake created by Funny Or Die. Here’s the real video

It seems no one online is all that surprised that it’s a fake as this isn’t our first time on the Web.  


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Apr 142015
Dennis Quaid Freaks Out On Set

Most people scoff at the notion that Hollywood actors have a difficult job. Of course it’s not hard labor, but it’s still not easy, otherwise anyone could be a million dollar actor. Apparently, after a stressful day, Dennis Quaid had enough and completely freaked out at those on set who seemed to mess up his take. 

As you would expect, the viral video is full of adult language, so get the ear muffs ready. 


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