Sep 022013
Fox News Anchor Falls Asleep On Air

YouTuber Cassie Slane appropriately titled this clip recorded from cable TV new channel Fox News Tucker All Tuckered Out! as news anchor Tucker Carlson fell alseep on the air.

After being roused by his giggling co-hosts, he explained that he was up late the night before.

Now, the clip has amassed over 350,000 hits, and has drum up a politically-charged, rowdy conversation over the agenda of cable news channels. 


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Mar 202013

Last week was International Women’s Day. To commemorate, Local Fox CT reported how women were the focus in Washington for the day. But the report was upstaged by the b-roll file footage that was being played at the same time that seemed to only focus on the breasts of women walking in the city.

Even the female anchor seemed to have noticed the footage being played was inappropriate for what she was saying, as she awkwardly paused in the middle of her report.

CT Blogger recorded and uploaded the news clip to YouTube, and now the week old video stands with over 2.2 million views

The network has since tweeted an apology that no one is buying. Read more on Slate, HyperVocal, and HuffPost


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Nov 302012

South Korean pop sensation Gangnam Style is obviously the most popular viral video of 2012–if not ever. Recently, PSY has  finally dethroned Justin Bieber as the artist with the #1 most viewed video YouTube.

The song has seeped so deep into the American culture that even Bill O’Reilly, famous for acting as America’s cranky old grandpa, has heard of the song. In a recent segment, he talked with Keith Ablow, and attempted to ‘dissect‘ the pop music video. 


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May 312012

As usual, the politically charged Fox And Friends program is being hailed as heroes on the Right, and as propagandists on the Left.

After releasing a four minute ‘Then and Now‘ video covering Barack Obama’s presidency, some on the Left are already calling the clip a Fox News political attack ad. 

What do you think? Too far, or Fox was right on the mark?


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Mar 122012

This Phoenix Fox 10 report went super viral over the weekend, amassing over 4.5 millions views. During Andrea Robinson’s traffic report, a huge bright flash was caught on camera with no explanation. As expected, conspiracy theorists are buzzing over the video, while skeptics are calling for reason.


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