Oct 272014
John Oliver Talks About Sugar

With Halloween just around the corner, millions of children are anxiously awaiting the one day a year they get tons of free candy just by asking for it. But what was once a rare treat has become a daily vice. Most Americans, young and old, eat way too much sugar points out John Oliver. As humans, we are genetically programmed to love sugar. Realizing this, the food industry adds it to about everything they can. But is this damaging our society?


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Oct 242014
Misconceptions About Food

Everyone knows that MSG is bad for you and causes headaches. But does it really? The FDA has studied MSG three times, and found that it is perfectly safe. Still, people believe MSG is bad and many other misconceptions about food, like that Twinkies never expire. They do. Mental Floss covers this and many other food misconceptions in this video.  


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Oct 232014
Kids React To Brussel Sprouts

Kids famously hate eating their vegetables, especially brussel sprouts. The thing is, most kids have never even tried the miniature cabbage vegetable. Maybe if they just gave it a chance, they might like it. That’s why The Fine Brothers had a group of kids try brussel sprouts to see how they honestly react.


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Oct 232014
The 20,000 Calorie Strongman Diet

When you’re a world record holding professional strongman, everything you do it big. Your workouts are big, your clothes are big, and your diet is gigantic! The foodies of Munchies followed professional strongman Robert Oberst around for a day to see what exactly he does, and how he fuels his huge body. Hint: consuming 20,000 calories a day gets very expensive. 


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