Aug 052013

Last November, Dan Klein of  went viral with his awkward food review of the everyday apple. Now, he has returned months later to continue his work, this time reviewing the “benana.” 

He offers insightful tips and information about the popular fruit, such as that there is a sticker on the “benana” that says Chiquita and that a tab on top of it helps undress the fruit. 


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Dec 202012

You know you’ve truly become viral YouTube famous when you get contacted by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to make a special video for one of their segments. 

That YouTuber is Daym Drops, the fast food reviewer with an awesome, crazy attitude that originally went viralviral for the first time here on ViralViralVideos back in August with his Five Guys review video

For his special TV spot, Drops reviewed the once again returning McRib from McDee’s. And he’s brutally honest.  


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Aug 152012

Remember the awesome black dude  with the spot on, makes-your-mouth-water fast food review of Five Guys? That was his first viral video, and it seems things are only looking up for the now popular food reviewer. 

The Gregory Brothers, who are most famous for their the Auto-Tune The News series, picked up the Five Guys review and ‘songified’ it. The resulting brand new video, which they simply titled OH MY DAYUM, is glorious Internet candy for your ears, and is naturally going viral immediately.


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Aug 132012

Thirty-four year old YouTuber  has a small time restaurant review channel with only 6,400 hundred subscribers. His video reviews are entertaining to say the least, but YouTube is cut throat these days, and most of his posts only get around 5,000 hits.

That is until his latest ‘Five Guys Burgers and Fries Review‘ went viral over the weekend. Now, it has erupted to over 80,000 hits, and is continuing to trend, especially on Reddit

Not everyone can just buy a fast food meal, and review it. You need to have that right personality. And boy does Daym Drops have ‘it.’

When he first starts, he pauses to grab a fry, says “Let me light one of these joints on fire.”

Upon being instantly satisfied, he lets out, “You bite into the fry, and the fry bites back, that’s how you know you’ve had an official french fry.”


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Jul 192012

It’s been done before, but ‘s classy food critique for his Wendy’s Double With Cheese combo meal is just fantastic. He really takes the meal apart, starting with the Dr. Pepper which he pours into a disposable wine glass (this is Wendy’s after all) to take in the ‘bouquet.’

Then, after commenting on the french fries — “The fries fell out into the bag, but that’s ok because it adds class and character” — he disassembles the burger like a true food critic would.

“The cheese is very unique in the sense that it’s not made from any real dairy product. Modern science has blessed us with an arsenal of artificial factors that can really simulate a sharp American cheddar.”



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