Jan 262013

The Miami Heat played the Detroit Pistons on Friday, and came out on top 110-88. But for many, the peak of the game was during the halftime show, when one middle aged man was picked at random to shoot a half-court shot for $75,000.

Incredibly, he scored the difficult basket, winning the cash, and an epic tackle-hug from LeBron James. Now, this NBA clip of the scene has gone viral, amassing over 150,000 views in less than one day. 


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Dec 202012

As everyone knows by now, the world is supposed to end on 12/21/12 as ‘prophesied’ by the Mayan calender.

Of course, all this end-of-the-world nonsense is hullabaloo, but online prankster VitalyzdTv knows not to miss out on a prank-tastic opportunity when he sees one. 

While on the phone by the bus stop, he would pretend to hear terrible news that a big city was hit by a natural disaster, and tell people waiting that a tsunami was heading their way.

With so much end-of-the-world mania circling the media, it wasn’t difficult to convince anyone. Some even run with him to catch a ride with his mom to escape the incoming ‘disaster.’ 


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Nov 122012

In a genius marketing move,  published this time lapse video of one of their trains pulling Tropicana orange juice from Florida to New Jersey, which they rightfully title the GE Juice Train.

For more than forty years, orange juice has been transported 1,200 miles of rail from Bradenton, Florida to the Tropicana freight depot in Greenville, New Jersey. For this trip, the GE powered CSX train pulled 41 refrigerated carts of OJ, enough for every New Yorker to have a refreshing glass. 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the conductor’s mesmerizing view of the 48 hour train ride in under three short minutes. 


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Oct 302012

 published this celebrity themed video on Sunday, and already it has been viewed more than 120,000 times. For Gabrielle Union‘s 40th birthday party, her friends threw her a surprise party at an undisclosed location in Miami, Florida.

The big surprise of the night was when world famous actor and rapper Will Smith took the mic and dropped some serious free style rhymes with Doug E. Fresh.

The Fresh Prince has still got it. 


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Jul 182012

Social media based flash mobs have become more and more prevalent as technology progresses, but there is a trend of young adults using websites like Twitter for crime, not just dance.

The mass robbery technique is famous at gas stations and bodegas, where teens all flock and overwhelm one store at once, making it impossible for the few clerks to control their store and stop theft.  

But this new viral video shows that kids these days are becoming more and more brazen in their criminal activities. Police say over 300 people stormed a Walmart in Jacksonville, Florida where teens destroyed merchandise, looted, and basically partied all on Walmart’s bill. No arrests have been made yet. 


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