Apr 082013

Sling shot park ride videos seem to never get old. Viewers just love watching riders as they scream, curse, and even pass out from the brutally fast theme park rides. 

Xxtctbmexx published her friend’s sling shot ride video back in September, but it has only started to trend now, amassing over 400,000 views since the start of April.

The video features a nervous teen couple riding the sling shot. The forces were so strong for the guy, he actually passed out. Twice!

Incredibly, when offered a second ride for a reduced price after finally touching back down on the dirt, all the teen could answer was, “Let’s do it again, let’s do it again! Charge it on the card baby!”


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Mar 012013

The meme is dead, but when you’re LeBron James with the rest of the Miami Heat, you can do nearly any old trend and it’s cool again. So the Heat did the Harlem Shake. As in the 2013 version, not the original from the 80’s.

Incredibly, the new video, which was published on the Miami Heat official channel, has collected over 2.5 million views, and over 40,000 likes in just one day. 


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Feb 112013

Daring Russian prankster Vitalyzd traveled to Miami for his latest prank.

Just by wearing sunglasses with a white shirt and tie, holding a clipboard, and claiming to be an authority figure, he stopped people walking the streets for wearing their pants to low. It’s really incredible how people react to just a simple costume.

He claims he is part of PUPA, or the Pull Up Your Pants Authority, and threatens people with tickets if they don’t pull their pants up.

Shockingly, many people actually ‘respect his authority,’ claiming they didn’t know the law, and pull up their pants in fear of being ticketed. He even ‘scans’ some of their butts with his phone just to really make the prank stick. 

Only a crazy Russian dude would have the guts to do this. 


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Feb 062013

When in front a judge, for no matter the reason, always conduct yourself in the most respectable manner. This person literally holds your life in their hands. So it’s best not to give the judge attitude, and not offer incoherent, vague answers. Again, the courtroom is a serious place. 

And finally, when you do get a sentence you don’t like, do not flip the judge off like the girl in this video does, as you will only dig yourself into a deeper hole. 

Now, this girl with a bad attitude in Miami, Florida has not only landed herself in the county jail for contempt, but she has also gone viralviral. The new video of her case has already garnered over 1.6 million views, with most viewers agreeing she got what she had coming to her. 


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Jan 262013

The Miami Heat played the Detroit Pistons on Friday, and came out on top 110-88. But for many, the peak of the game was during the halftime show, when one middle aged man was picked at random to shoot a half-court shot for $75,000.

Incredibly, he scored the difficult basket, winning the cash, and an epic tackle-hug from LeBron James. Now, this NBA clip of the scene has gone viral, amassing over 150,000 views in less than one day. 


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