Feb 222014
Rescued Florida Panther Kitten Is Adorable

Florida Fish and Wildlife discovered a lone, week old Florida Panther kitten. The poor little guy was cold and listless, so they decided to rescue the tiny kitten as it would not survive without medical intervention. 

Thankfully, the kitten turned out just fine. 

Too cute!


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Aug 192013

While visiting Frenchy’s restaurant in Clearwater beach, Florida, Red Line Charters swears he met the world’s best dock line handler. And the Internet seems to agree. 

Linda can tie a dock line in just a matter of seconds with just a couple wiggles of her wrist. Now, this video that was posted in January is trending more than ever. 


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Aug 152013

Last week, Jerry Ascione was trending online for his Extreme ‘Couponing’ video. Jerry has returned with another inspiring video after getting a crazy good deal on Fuze iced tea.

After paying less than a dollar a twelve pack, he loaded his truck with thousands of cans of tea, filled the remaining space with ice, and hit the rough part of town to quench the severe thirst of needy people on the hot, humid Florida day.


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Jul 172013

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is taking the proper steps towards a brighter and cleaner 21 century. After half a century of service, the Florida Power & Light Co. finally shut down their 1960′s-era Port Everglades Power Plant. 

Claude Raw Glam was there when they demolished the old power plant and caught all the action on camera. A new, more efficient natural gas power plant will soon take its place.


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May 212013

These days, fans can connect with their idols in ways not possible just a few years ago. Take Nicole of Coral Gables, Florida, for example. Like so many other high school seniors around the country, she’s obsessed with NBA star Dwyane Wade.

Just for fun, she asked the Dwyane on Twitter if he would go out with her to prom. She never though that months later she would actually meet Dwyane at prom, and star in a viral video.  

Since debuting over the weekend, the new video has already scooped up over 1.75 million views, and has appeared on SportsIllustrated, Mashable, CBSNews, and YahooSports


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