Nov 172015
Sister Tries To Sell Her Brother To The Pet Store

What older sister hasn’t wished she could somehow get rid of her annoying baby brother? After watching her baby brother running around and screaming, little Rachel explains to her dad how they should sell him to the pet store. 

This precious home video has gone viral with over 650,000 views!


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Nov 152015
Dad Films His Entire Vacation Backwards

It seems even in 2015, dads will be dads. Evan Griffin‘s father took a trip to Las Vegas for vacation from Ireland, so Evan gave him his GoPro camera to record the trip. The one thing is, Evan failed to explain how to use the GoPro properly. What resulted was plenty of footage of dad accidentally recording himself the entire time. This video has instantly gone viral with over one million views!


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Nov 012015
Dad Builds Epic Mech Warrior Baby Carrier For Halloween

It’s always fun to see what new parents do for Halloween now that they have a baby to incorporate into their family costume. Nerd The Kylenator was inspired by his chest baby carrier for a costume this year that would make his son the star of the show. He build an epic Mech Warrior robot costume in which it appears his baby son is the driver of the beast machine. Definitely nerd approved!


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Oct 312015
Dad Signs And Sings ‘I Loved Her First’ At His Daughter’s Wedding

There are few relationships as special as the bond between a father and his daughter. So in honor of his daughter’s wedding, Nicole Cortez‘s dad decided to learn sign language as she is a sign language interpreter. After practicing for a year, he ‘signed’ the hit country song I Loved Her First after the reception, and brought nearly the entire room to tears. 

This older video from 2012 is still trending, and stands with over 19 million views!


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Oct 112015
Guy Pranks Girlfriend That Their Toddler Son Drove And Crashed ATV

Roman Atwood has made a booming career online with his famous pranks. Naturally, he has pranked his girlfriend countless times. For his latest mean prank, he pretended to look at an ATV 4×4 with their toddler son. At the last second, he swapped his kid for a dummy and had someone drive the remote control ATV over a ramp where it exploded while his girlfriend screamed in horror! Hilarious or prank gone too far?


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