May 042014
Patrick Roche’s Poem ’21′ Will Give You Chills

This Button Poetry piece by Patrick Roche has exploded online. In less than two weeks his poem, titled 21, has amassed over 3 million views! Patrick counts down from 21 years old, the year his father passed, and powerfully explains how the mess he is in now all started. Goosebumps and tears are guaranteed.   


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Apr 302014
Little Girl Has The Sweetest Reaction After Learning Mommy’s Gonna Have A Baby

Jacob Ouellette and his wife are expecting a third child, so they gathered their daughter and son to tell them the good news. Their younger son didn’t really understand what was going on, but their older daughter had the cutest, sweetest reaction ever

Suffice it to say, she’s going to be a great older sister. 


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Apr 262014
Elderly Man With Alzheimer’s Reacts To Dog In The Sweetest Way Possible

As anyone with friends or family members with the condition knows, Alzheimer’s Disease is devastating. Patients often lose their ability to drive, care for themselves, or even speak.

Sadly, Lisa Abeyta‘s father is struggling with Alzheimer’s. Her dad has lost nearly all of his speech. But magic occurs when he sees the family dog. He regains a spark of life. 

This powerful video demonstrates what happens when dad interacts with their dog. It’s no surprise the touching clip has gone viral with over half a million views!


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Apr 242014
Dad Runs Super Fast To Save Child From Being Hit By Toy Car

In this super short clip, a dad harnesses his superhuman father powers when he sees his kids in a toy car quickly rolling down a hill heading for a third child at the bottom. Amazingly, he runs past the speeding toy car and picks up the child at the last moment before anyone was hurt. 

America’s Funniest Home Videos appropriately titled the short clip Father Mode Activate.


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Apr 222014
Baffling Balloon Behavior Science Experiment

Dustin of science channel Smarter Every Day demonstrates a cool science experiment in his latest viral video. With the help of his cute kids, he shows the unexpected behavior of a helium balloon in an accelerating car. Which way will the balloon move as the car accelerates? The answer may surprise you. 


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