Oct 102012

 is a YouTuber nerd with a true love for bladed weapons. His favorite way to practice is by attacking various sized water bottles, from the common small personal ones to the large office jugs.  took some of Will’s best strikes and adding dramatic music to create this compilation that has gone viral after being featured on Reddit


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May 202012

It’s a long standing custom for fans of the home team to attempt to distract the visitors when they shoot free throws.

Kevin Garnett of the Celtics was at the line in the 3rd quarter against the 76ers when a very special, and very large, fan tried to distract him. Amazingly, Kevin wasn’t phased a bit, and made both shots. The  video already has nearly half a million views


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Sep 182010

If you need inspiration, just watch this video. This guy was fat and depressed. He had enough with his life, and started running and record his progress. Run Forrest Run. He ran for a year and lost 120 pounds. Now he feels better and is a marathon runner. Put your mind to something, you can do it! Music by Cold Play – Fix You.

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