Aug 142014
David Attenborough On The Species Of Fangirls

You may not recognize his name, but you surely know his voice. David Attenborough is a famous English broadcaster and naturalist. He has narrated countless nature shows. Using the magic of computer editing, Ali Jardz made this hilarious short video of David Attenborough apparently discussing the obscure and dangerous species of the fangirl. In just a few days, the video has amassed over half a million hits!


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Jun 012012

Fans love to stand out and support their team, and there’s no better way to celebrate your colors then to dress up like a nut in public, dancing like crazy.

The  has their share of kooky fans, and just published this entertaining montage of out-of-this-world-fans from this past season that is featured on SportsIllustrated and YouTubeTrends.  


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Feb 282012

The Brits take their football–or soccer as us Yanks call it–very seriously. Even at a young age, they are groomed to cheer for their team. This Liverpool fan boy is such a fanatic, that he poked his eye while cheering for his team, but didn’t even care.

In just two days since being published, the video of the cute kid has been viewed over 600,000 times, posted on blogs like TastefullyOffensive, and re-upladed all over the net, like on DailyMotion


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Jan 232012

This die hard Baltimore Ravens fan was not happy when the Ravens lost to the Patriots to go to the Super Bowl. “#20” proceeded to freak out at the TV and then his friends. The sad fan was left standing and complaining about gleeful Partiots fans and other football jib-jabberoo. The day old video already has 100,00 views, thanks being featured by BostonBarStoolSports and JPMoore


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May 112011

Arsenal was playing Newcastle and their biggest fan couldn’t make it. He was at home but he was still watching. Arsenal was winning, but at the end, the tides turned. He was not very happy about the situation and went a little crazy.


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