Mar 082012

It’s a scene often played on TV news. A reporter chasing after someone who is trying to hide from the cameras while screaming, “No comment, no comment!” In this case, Kent Molgat was trying to get ‘the full story’ from a lawyer.

He was so focused on the the story, he ran directly into a sign pole, face first. Even the fleeing lawyer stopped and asked if he was OK. The video has gone viral after being featured on SportsIllustrated, and subsequently DailyPicks, MidwestSportsFans, and TastefullyO.


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Mar 052012

What happens to this poor woman is every girl’s nightmare. After the wedding ceremony, it is customary in most circles that the newlywed couple has a special entry to the formal party with music and attention.

But when this couple entered, the bride tripped, and something must have come undone, because he skirt fell too. She ended up running off in just her knickers with her new groom chasing after her. 


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Feb 282012

The Dayton Flyers and Xavier Musketeers games was starting up with fans cheering in the stands, and the players warming up on the court. CBS news sportscasters James Bate was just greeting the camera and introducing himself and his co-host when the stool underneath him literally collapsed, dumping him to the floor. But the pro reporter quickly jumped back up and redeemed himself. The week old video already has over 400,00 views, and is featured on VideoGum.


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Feb 162012

Whoever said, “construction is all work and no play,” never told these workers. They horribly MacGyver’ed a cement mixer to create a three person merry-go-round. The video is featured on StuffIStole, HuffingtonPost, and SayOMG


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Feb 152012

Remember the woman who fell into the mall fountain because she was texting and not looking where she was walking? One might assume people learned from her mistake, but that is not the case. Our phones still seem to be a priority over safety in our stupid brains. 

This CBC news video caught a woman falling down in the background of an on-scene news report when she hit some steps because she was looking at her phone and not at reality. The funny fall is featured on Guyism


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