Jan 092012

While touring in Africa, Erin Laung Worth decided to go bungee jumping. The only thing that can go wrong while bungee jumping did as the bungee chord broke, and Erin plunged into the Zambezi river on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Luckily, she survived and is recovering well. Read more on SkyNews via TheDailyWhat.  




SkyNews report:


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Dec 232011

In cartoons, dogs are often considered the protagonists while the cats act as the sneaky adversary. That stereotype is greatly enforced in this video where a cat literally pushes another down a ladder to the basement. 


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Dec 022011

It’s nice of these concert goers to help this wheelchair bound dude go crowd surfing, but they should have been a lot more careful. In all the excitement, the chair simply tilted forward as only the wheels were being held, and the man fell into the crowd. It’s reported that he’s OK. 


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Nov 302011

Fail compilations have become the preferred form of consuming fail videos now. Who wants to watch a bunch of short ten second video when you can get it all at once? Here’s your monthly fail dose for November.  


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Nov 292011

Never underestimate the minds of young, bored guys. That’s how things get broken. A bunch of dudes were bored and thought, ‘Hey, I wonder what happens if we sit in a computer chair and spin with a leaf blower?’ The short and sweet video is only ten days old, and almost has .5 million views. It is featured on StuffIStoleFrom, Gizmodo, and TheDailyWhat.


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