Oct 312011

We’ve all heard of annoying Internet memes like plank-ing, cone-ing, and owl-ing, but only the most sincere Internet nerds dare try fall-ing. Prankster, , goes around his local big box store with a hidden camera, and purposefully trips, falls, and crashes nearby unsuspecting shoppers. The video is featured on TastefullyO


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Oct 102011

People are obsessed over baby animals. But they really awe over baby wild animals. There’s just a special cuteness element that in a couple years the adorable baby can, and probably will, eat your face. But until they group up, enjoy these two baby bears who learn that hammocks aren’t as easy to play on as they look. The video is featured on HuffingtonPost.  


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Oct 092011

It’s easy to forget, but all those great shots you see of your favorite sports games at home is taken by a cameraman. Many of them are just holding a camera old school style, running after the action. And when there’s action, someone must eventually fall. This cameraman fell on his face at the Rays vs. Rangers, after Adrian BeltreOuch hit a home run and was rounding the bases. 


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Oct 042011

It hurts so much more when you fall from a great height to a quick and brutal low. After scoring a touchdown for the Bears, Marion Barber jumped up and tried to perform a backflip. It seems like he knew what he was doing, but was out of breath, or simply had a bad start, because he fell three quarters of the way through the jump, and landed on his face. Ouch. That’ll knock your ego down quick.




A second longer look:


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Oct 022011

This video was posted back in 2010 with very little views, but has just recently exploded in popularity. A row of cheerleaders were performing backflips one after the other, but the last girl had a little slip and just fell on her butt. The video is featured on BarStoolSports and TastefullyO


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