Jan 252013

Back in the 1993, h20eweup2‘s younger brother needed leg casts and became temporarily wheelchair bound. But that didn’t stop him from having fun with his lil’ bro. 

While dad caught the whole thing on camera, he basically created a wagon system to pull his brother’s wheelchair with his bicycle. And it worked surprisingly well. 

“Weee! Weeeee! Cowabunga!” Yep, definitely the 90’s.

Of course all fun things must come to and end, and like most things during childhood, end in a painful Ouch! 

The video is trending after being featured on Reddit.


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Jan 032013

Back in the summer, Blake Grigsby went viralviral with his hilarious ‘Trust Fall’-ing Strangers Prank. But after further review, viewers can tell the prank was held at camp. Not exactly the best place to see real world reactions.

Enter Ross Creations. He took the exact same prank concept, but pulled it off at the beach, yelling ‘I Trust You!’ before turning around and collapsing on complete strangers.

Lesson learned. In real life, not only will less people catch you, but some might even mock you after you fall. Ouch, physically and emotionally. 


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Jan 022013

NSFW Warning – language 

There’s just something about ‘DON’T TOUCH’ that makes us all curious as a kitten. When we see a ‘WET PAINT’ sign, we all want to brush a finger against it, just to see. 

Devon Burnell and Julian are no different. She and her Julian friend were out in the field by a supposed electric fence, and he just couldn’t control himself. He just had to touch it.  

And gosh, did he learn his lesson.


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Dec 312012

Fail Army, the YouTube channel obsessed with all things fails, of course had to make a end-of-the-year wrap up video. Impressively, their Ultimate Fails Compilation 2012 video was only published just before the weekend, and already it had amassed over 10.4 million hits


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Dec 212012

The worst kind of trust fall failures are the ones where nothing spectacular happens. There’s no funny reason the trusting ‘faller’ isn’t caught, and the ‘catchers’ didn’t mess up on purpose. 

But for no other real reason except for being truly pathetic, the ‘catchers’ just drop the ‘faller.’

And that’s exactly what happened to Dan Bob. Let this be a lesson. Be wary of who you trust. Especially when they attempt to comfort you with, ‘Trust us, we’ll catch you.”


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