Jun 272012

It’s happened before and it will most likely happen again. As long as photographers insist wedding party photos on the dock are a beautiful idea, wedding parties will continue to fall into the water. These old docks just can’t hold our ever growing American waist bands. 

The latest broken dock during wedding pictures debacle was just published by  and already has over 655,000 views and a feature story on VideoGum.


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Jun 102012

There’s just something so satisfying when a runway model falls. Maybe it’s because their only job is to walk, stop, and walk back. Or maybe it’s because we’re jealous that they get paid for being good looking, and we have to go into the office for mininum wage. 

Either way, this Ultimate Runway Model Fails Compilation by  will have laughing your most evil laugh. 


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Apr 242012

British news website  brings us this report of a schoolgirl in China who was literally swallowed by the sidewalk. CCTV caught the scene as she walked down pavement that suddenly gave way, plunging her six meters underground. A cab driver saw the girl fall, and immediately climbed down to rescue her. Read more on Telegraph and DailyMail.


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Apr 232012

This kitty seems to have a computer glitch when a slice of ham falls is dropped exactly on his face by his owner. The cat quickly twitches, like it’s thinking of a hundred opposing commands all at once. Finally, kitty falls over  and get its slice of heaven amid the shrieks and laughter of the audience. 

The ridiculous video by  and his friends was appropriately posted on 4/20, and has already amassed over 185,000 views. 


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Apr 092012

This short and to the point video went viral over the weekend, amassing more than 800,000 views in just three days. The famous beach at Maho Sint Maarten, on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin is literally behind the Princess Juliana International Airport. 

As a result, when jets takeoff, beach goers get a serious blast of air. Most people run away from jet path, but a  few daredevils always grab the fence to take on the great force.

But this one girl couldn’t take the pressure, and was blown over, knocking her head on the ground. Ouch.


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