Oct 022011

This video was posted back in 2010 with very little views, but has just recently exploded in popularity. A row of cheerleaders were performing backflips one after the other, but the last girl had a little slip and just fell on her butt. The video is featured on BarStoolSports and TastefullyO


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Sep 292011

Ronald Reagan was a star before and, even more so, after he became the republican president during the 1980’s. This reporter tries to give a report at a rowdy GOP party during the early 80’s, but can’t get a word in. He keeps getting distracted or cut off, and that does not make him happy at all. 


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Sep 282011

At carnivals and fairs, going through the fun house can be a difficult task for kids under ten years old. Anyone above that age is just bored with the moving floor, and crazy magic mirrors. If you want to make the fun house a more adult adventure then get drunk like this guy. It’s a lot harder when you’re wasted. 


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Sep 232011

Weather bloopers are always funny, but they usually stay in the weather portion of the news. Well in this case, the weather took over the entire newscast. First, there was a glitch in the weather graphics, so the news anchors continued with their newscast. But while trying to deliver serious stories, more weather graphics started popping in and taking over. Even the newswoman can’t help but to laugh.  


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