Apr 202011

President Obama gave an interview to a local Texas news station that’s gaining attention. The interviewer does not pretend to like the president and the president reciprocates the feeling. It’s a very cold and awkward interview each side trying not to give an inch. At the end the president tells interviewer, “Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, alright?” Do you think the president lost his cool?


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Apr 202011

Justin Verlander threw a half pitch that went straight at the batter. The umpires send him to first, but then take it back. Verlander later said he didn’t wind up right and it all happened so fast.


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Apr 192011

At a small arcade, a scrawny type kid drops some coins into a Rocky punching bag video game. The point of the game is to punch the bag as hard as you can to gain the most point.

First, the skinny kid punches so weak, it doesn’t even register. But it doesn’t stop there. His friend tries also. It all goes down hill very fast.

The video is featured on sites like StuffIStoleFromTheInternet and TastefullyOffensive.


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Apr 142011

It’s embarrassing when you accidentally push a door that opens by pulling. But it’s even worse in a serious police situation that’s all being recorded. The Turkish policeman is probably a little red in the face after this.  


As seen on Urlesque

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Apr 102011

There’s been plenty Superman prank viral videos. A student jumps up on his phone and shouts. Then he tears off his clothes to reveal a Superman costume, complete with cape. But this time the Superman made a super blooper. He tries the emergency exit doors, but he has no luck.


As seen on TheHighDefinite

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