Apr 142011

It’s embarrassing when you accidentally push a door that opens by pulling. But it’s even worse in a serious police situation that’s all being recorded. The Turkish policeman is probably a little red in the face after this.  


As seen on Urlesque

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Apr 102011

There’s been plenty Superman prank viral videos. A student jumps up on his phone and shouts. Then he tears off his clothes to reveal a Superman costume, complete with cape. But this time the Superman made a super blooper. He tries the emergency exit doors, but he has no luck.


As seen on TheHighDefinite

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Apr 042011

Fans did not enjoy Charlie Sheen’s in person show. People even started to walk out. Charlie did not do himself a favor. The crowd booed the show and felt ripped off for paying so much for nothing. As everyone says now, ‘Not Winning!’


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Mar 262011

I think someone won the laptop. The clutz runs and gets the computer, only to slip over a step. The laptop goes flying and a huge chunk falls off. Looks like it’s busted.

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