Aug 212012

This older newscast clip from last winter has just gone viral now, amassing over 200,000 hits in just the past few days. Just today, the video made the radio-blog circuit, being featured on WZLX, ElvisDuran, and Z100.

The news started but only one of the anchor-girls realized. The other just looked off to the distance, and said, “I so pale,” with a zombie like demeanor. 

Her associate, holding back tears of laughter, mumbled the best she could, “You’re. on. air.”

After realizing her mistake, the first anchor recovered well, while her co-anchor just held back the giggles the entire segment. 


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Aug 212012

It’s brutal, but ever since America’s Funniest Home Videos, viewers just can’t get enough of people falling on their faces and incurring serious physical damage. 

 is a great source of fail compilations and their latest Ultimate Trampoline Fails Compilation is a real doozy. 


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Aug 162012

Awkward Tom had a crush on his friend Emily, so naturally he did the 2012 version of making her a ‘mix tape.’ He made her a personal Everything I Do, I Do For You music video cover.

Tom’s very coarse singing in conjunction with Bryan Adams is definitely a one of a kind experience, but that’s no matter. Emily reportedly liked the video, and that’s all that counts. 

Now, the music video from June has gone viral today, and is covered on G4TV, YouTubeTrends, and BarStoolSports


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Aug 072012

Like countless children around the world, this Olympian-to-be has been watching this summer’s Olympic games. And she’s been inspired! 

So when mom and dad took the family to the local swimming pool, their daughter knew she had to try out his reverse backflip dive. Of course, she’s just a wee-little kid, so her dive flopped, but that only makes the chances for the cute video of going viral even better

The brand new video is already featured on CollegeHumor, TheDailyWhat, and Reddit


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Aug 012012

The Jeep Grand Cherokee already gets horrible mileage and has bad handling, but Swedish auto group  has just proved how dangerous the car really is. 

During the moose test, a test mimicking the maneuver one would perform when confronted by a moose at high speed, the car nearly flipped over.

The group gives the car an F, and recommends you do not purchase one if you care about yourself and your family. 

For once in the history of the Internet, the word “FAIL” is actually appropriate and connotes failure. 

Now, Chrysler claims they fixed the problem. Do you trust them? 


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