May 212012

There’s always a good chance for a background blooper when reporting the news on the street, especially in a big city. This ridiculous scene of a man random falling outside from his first story window in just his shorts in New York City is a perfect example. 

Just in case you might miss the awesomeness,  warns, “Watch the background.”


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May 162012

It’s easy to call out answers at the TV while sitting on the couch and shoveling popcorn in your face, but it’s a different story while standing in the hot seat on a game show. 

Zach, an undergrad at Reed College, had traversed Wheel of Fortune all the way to the last bonus round. And it seemed his five extra letter guesses were right on. He had ten seconds to figure out ‘Mag_c _and.’ 

Going with the traditional ‘and’ sound, he completely missed word he was looking for. ‘Wand.’

The video is featured on TheFW, HuffingtonPost, and MSN, Jest, and BuzzFeed


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May 152012

The whole point of a owning a $200,000+ car is to show it off and go fast. And this Chicago Lambo driver successfully failed at both.

While stopped behind a nice and bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo at a left turn light,  decided to record the car in all its glory. They had no idea they would be capturing a video the Lambo driver’s insurance company would be begging for. The video is featured on Google+ and TheChive


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