Apr 272012

Keeping up with all the Fail videos out there is near impossible, so dedicated fail compilation channel  does the work for you. Here all of the best and most painful fail videos from April, 2012. 




For double the fun, here is a second great April Fail montage by 


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Apr 232012

This kitty seems to have a computer glitch when a slice of ham falls is dropped exactly on his face by his owner. The cat quickly twitches, like it’s thinking of a hundred opposing commands all at once. Finally, kitty falls over  and get its slice of heaven amid the shrieks and laughter of the audience. 

The ridiculous video by  and his friends was appropriately posted on 4/20, and has already amassed over 185,000 views. 


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Apr 222012

 brings us this WMBF News clip of talks-too-fast reporter Ashley Taylor giving a live report in Myrtle Beach. Suddenly, a prankster ran in front of the camera, shoved Ashley, and grabbed her microphone.

Pranksters have done that before, but it was what he said that was so original. He yelled, “I’m the n—er!” right before being cut off, and has instantly gone viral. But the cops didn’t think it was funny at all, and have arrested the man for assault and battery


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Apr 202012

Texan Lisa Gail Allred has gone viral, but not in the way she had hoped when making this terrible song, 3 Second Rule. After recieving horrible reviews, she quickly pulled her music video, but not before it was copied and reuploaded.

Now she is featured all over the web, such as on Guyism, DListedTheDailyWhat, HuffingtonPost, and Jezebel.


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Apr 182012

Hot Problems, produced and published by , is already being touted as this year’s Friday song by Inquisitr. The song features two girls with no singing abilities trying to be ‘fly’ just like they were taught so well by MTV and Snookers. 

Even the production company wanted to distance themselves from the song they published, and added this to the video:

“Old Bailey Productions did not create any of the audio or lyrics for this video. We produced the video as a favor for a younger sibling of one of our friends”

Hopefully, the Internet has learned its lesson and will keep far away from terrible teen pop music videos.


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