Oct 292012

Fail compilations are a dime a dozen online, but there’s only one remix artist who is actually respected for their skill. . The fail obsessed channel just published fifteen glorious minutes of all the best fails from the past month, and has quickly started to trend. 


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Oct 252012

After Rebecca Black made it ‘a thing’ for talentless buffoons to publish their own music videos, the latest ‘artist’ to go viral for being so bad is .

She is currently standing at #88 on YouTube’s top 100, and it’s all thanks to her new music video, Wilder, that went viralviral last week.

Now, the video has over 1.6 million views, and has received such bad reviews, Gnesa has turned off the community’s rating bar. The song is covered on Fark, PerezHilton, and Examiner


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Oct 222012

Russian YouTuber  is famous for his cat obsessed videos. His latest compilation of ‘Cat Special Forces‘ features cats who attempt dangerous jumps and tricks, and ultimately fail.

Now, the video has gone viralviral over the weekend, amassing over 140,000 hits so far, and is covered on popular sites like Neatorama, TheDailyWhat, Fark, and IAmBored


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Oct 172012

Most fail videos only feature the brutality and embarrassment, and often lack the fun side. For once, German YouTuber  captured a much more fun fail scene. 

After hyping himself up, one of the gang in just a speedo ran, and jumped–or attempted to jump– into a frozen lake. But instead of shattering like a sheet of glass, the thick lake ice stayed strong. The daredevil received a very hard surprised, and soon the entire group were on the ground in tears of laughter.


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Oct 052012

NSFW – language

To any big time producer at a hugely popular sports cable show like SportsCenter on ESPN, it probably sounds like a great idea to have an interview with such a huge and influential actor as Liam Neeson. 

But they probably should have made sure that the interviewer and the Liam were in sync at the start.

First, Laim doesn’t realize he’s on air, and then admits he doesn’t know the faintest thing about the sport while swearing a little. 

“I’ll be honest. It was only the second football game I had ever been to in my life.”

Read more about the viralviralvideo at EntertainmentWeekly, TMZ, Deadspin, and HuffPost.


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