Apr 022012

This video from last March just went viral this weekend on Facebook, Tumblr, and Reddit, amassing over 60,000 views in just days. Like so many before her, ‘s mom recorded her after having her wisdom teeth removed. As usual, it’s tons of fun. 


The fun continues in part 2.

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Mar 292012

Vice President Joe Biden has made headlines again after accidently thanking ‘Dr. Pepper’ instead of Dr. Paper at a recent PR event. 

“So let me say it again: Thank you, Terry, and thank you, Dr. Pepper, and thank you, Chancellor — Dr. Paper — and thank you, Chancellor, for this partnership of yours.”


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Mar 262012

Even with all the modern safety features available, there will always be another great treadmill fail video. WorldWideInterweb compiled all the best treadmill themed fails online into this very painful fail montage with Matthew Wilder’s Break My Stride appropriately playing.


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Mar 262012

Canadian professional opera singer Measha Brueggergosman was invited to sing both the American and Canadian national anthems on Saturday’s Penguins-Senators game.

But she may have been the wrong choice for such a sporting event as her strong soprano voice clashed with the hockey atmosphere, prompting her performance to draw criticism. The video already has more than half a million views, and is featured on YahooSports


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Mar 232012

In American, Kazakhstan has become the joke of the world after Borat smeared the country in his hit movie. And that has effected Kazakhstan globally.

Just recently, at a Kuwait sporting event, Borat’s fake and inappropriate version of the Kazakh national anthem was played. That’s embarrassing. 


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