Apr 102012

A bear on the loose in a small suburb town is nothing new for many cities with a large local bear population nearby. The news will usually follow the bear from helicopter until finally the animal control show up. There was even a famous Simpsons episode in 1996 that started with a similar case. 

But we’re in 2012, and almost everyone is armed with a cellphone. So next time you’re just strolling along and texting, look in front of you. There just might be a bear going for a nice walk down your block, like in this case. The video is  getting a viral kick start after being featured on VideoGum




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Apr 092012

This short and to the point video went viral over the weekend, amassing more than 800,000 views in just three days. The famous beach at Maho Sint Maarten, on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin is literally behind the Princess Juliana International Airport. 

As a result, when jets takeoff, beach goers get a serious blast of air. Most people run away from jet path, but a  few daredevils always grab the fence to take on the great force.

But this one girl couldn’t take the pressure, and was blown over, knocking her head on the ground. Ouch.


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Apr 092012

Failing on TV in front of a live studio audience always makes the fail that much better. In this brutal Australian Wheel Of Fortune episode, Simone started the puzzle with, “T for Tom, please.” She got buzzed, so it was Matt’s turn next. What did he go with?

“T for Tom, please.”  Facepalm.

The video published in 2010 only went viral over the weekend after being shared by MikeCasey


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