Jul 192012

Everyone has noticed it before, but our good friend The Blind Film Critic was the first to call Hollywood out this summer for their recycled movies.

Now, Funny Or Die has just published this already viral video pointing out a similar phenomenon. All the recent 3D movies seem to all use the same visual techniques and special effects. 

Why do people keep going to the movies again?



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Jul 182012

Most underground trains have elevators for disabled riders, but for some reason, this woman in a motorized scooter decided to take the escalator when riding the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority subway.

Wrong move. The scooter quickly flipped her over in a continuous loop that was only stopped by a quick staff member. 

The video is featured on TheDailyWhat and DailyPicks


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Jul 162012

Fail videos have become so common online, no single video sticks out. At least that’s usually the case. Every now and then, one outstanding one really stick out, and this latest video published by  is such a case. 

Perhaps it’s because of the many compounding fails in one, or the perfectly fitting 21st Century theme music, but whatever it is, this video has definitely gone viral with over 1.6 million hits in less than a week of being posted.  


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Jul 162012

The compilation nerds at  just had a viral hit over Independence Day with their Ultimate Fireworks Fail Compilation video that stands with over one million views. 

Trying to keep the fun summer compilations going, they just published this Ultimate Belly Flop Compilation that is quickly starting to spread. 


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