Nov 202012

Golf obsessed YouTube channel  published this video before the weekend, and already it stands with over 1.3 million views.

Long drive champion Jamie Sadlowski was invited by Gary Williams for a one-on-one competition with the Golf Channel‘s simulator. It only took Jamie one swing to hit the ball so hard, it actually broke off the holder and smashed right through the simulator’s screen.


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Nov 132012

Fail videos are obviously one of the most popular viral video genres online, but this latest trending clip isn’t your average fail video.

The daredevils at  takes things to the extreme for their stunts and tricks, and that territory comes with more than just a scraped elbow or banged up knee. 

So for the end of 2012, the Circus just posted this crash montage of all their most terrible and incredible fails, crashes, and falls from the year. Ouch!


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Nov 092012

Now that the technology is so cheap, nearly anyone can produce and publish a pop music video on YouTube. And that’s exactly what  does. He produces pop music videos for suburban teen girls who pay high prices to star in their very own. 

That was the case with Rebecca Black and her infamous Friday, Jenna Rose and My Jeans, and Hot Problems

Now, it’s Nicole Westbrook with a holiday ‘hit’ just in time for Thanksgiving. Naturally, it’s called “It’s Thanksgiving.” …

Is she really singing into a turkey leg as a microphone??


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