Jun 152015
Guys Playing Frisbee At The Beach Really Don’t Understand How To Play

The Frisbee has been one of the go to toys to bring to the beach for decades ever since it was introduced. Nearly every kid in the world knows how the throw a Frisbee. Or so it would seem. Sparkinter was at the beach when they noticed two guys tossing a Frisbee back and forth who apparently had never been shown how to actually throw the popular disc toy. This video has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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Jun 122015
Beautiful Aerial Wedding Ends With A Bang

Photographer Zacks Jerry Rig was filming one of his best shots during a wedding. The bride and groom were embracing and dancing in a vibrant meadow while Zack flew a camera equipped drone around them. It was beautiful. That is until the drone suddenly crashed into a tree. Bummer. 


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May 202015
Mom Face Plants Into Sand During Her Daughter’s Picturesque Proposal

It couldn’t be more perfect. Bridgett Clark‘s sister was about to be proposed to by her boyfriend at the beach with all of her family there. But right before her boyfriend got down on one knee, her mom Eva fell face first into the sand! After they were sure mom was OK, they went along with the proposal, but Eva still wasn’t paying attention. 

“Mom, look up at your daughter,” screamed the sister. 

“God of Moses! That’s why we’re here!” Best dad ever. 

This hilarious family fail video has gone viral with over half a million views!


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May 142015
100 Year Old Lady Accidentally Spits Out Dentures When Blowing Out Birthday Candles

When you turn older than 100 you really have to live on the brighter side of life. You can’t get hung up on the silly things. Arnee Dodd‘s aunt Lou Lou incredibly just turned 102 years old! When she went to blow out her birthday cake candles, she accidentally spit out her dentures. Everyone burst out laughing, including Lou Lou. Happy birthday!


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May 032015
Councilman Forgets to Turn His Mic Off When He Goes To The Bathroom

Is there anything more embarrassing than people hearing you go to the bathroom? One councilman from Georgetown, Texas made the mistake of leaving his microphone on when he went to the bathroom. Mayor pro tem Rachael Jonrowe couldn’t help but crack a smile when she heard water running on the speaker system. She tried to push through all the bathroom noises, but ended up giggling with the entire chamber. 


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