Mar 052013

Blink-182 played at The Melbourne Soundwave Festival 2013 in Australia over the past weekend. One daring girl climbed over a gate that clearly read ‘No Climbing,’ and paid the price for her crime.

As she was clearing the posts, her shorts got stuck on one of them. She ended up hanging for a just moment, but was embarrassed for much longer with torn pants. Now the video stands with over 425,000 views.    


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Mar 042013

Last Halloween, Fhatsam published this painful spoof of the then recent Red Bull jump from space. Now, he is again trending after splicing his screams of pain with Taylor Swift’s hit single I Knew You Were Trouble a la the newly popular Swift splicing meme


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Feb 262013

Nascar and hip hop may not seem like they mix well, but that didn’t stop the one and only 50 Cent from enjoying some Nascar racing last weekend.

All sporting and Nascar fans know Erin Andrews well, so it was extra awkward when big rap star tried to give her a kiss. She didn’t seem to be ready for it, and recieved the awkward kiss as best she could. 

50 didn’t seem too happy with how the kiss ended either. Incredibly, this official NASCAR video of the event has already allocated over 1.5 million hits! The video is also featured on USAToday, Mashable, E!Online, and BleacherReport


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Feb 212013

This video by Tori Locklear has instantly gone viralviral after appearing on Reddit. Tori was trying to give a tutorial on hair curling with a hair straightening iron.

Instead, she gave a tutorial on how to ‘cut’ hair off using a curling iron. After very slowly processing her mistake, her jaw, appropriately, hits the floor. 


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Feb 202013

There are literally countless famous interview viral videos online. Some are old classics, and others are new, but they all have millions of views and bring smiles to viewers’ faces. 

So you don’t have to sift through YouTube for hors, Funny Local News has compiled all the best and most viral news interviews into this single super cut


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