Oct 302013
Crashed Car Rolls Down Ditch After Tow Truck Driver Flips It Upright

NSFW Warning Language

This new short video by Nickymca has gone viral with over 100,000 views already. The clip features a tow truck driver who successfully flipped a crashed Mazda on its side back upright.

But he failed to set the car’s brakes before hand… 

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”


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Oct 172013
Brooklyn Net’s Mascot Gets Ball Stuck Above Hoop After Slam Dunk Fail

The Brooklyn Net‘s new mascot, the BrooklynKnight, made a one-in-a-million air-ball shot while attempting a stunt dunk during the Celtics-Nets preseason game on Tuesday. 

Instead of scoring a slam dunk, the ball slipped out of the Knight’s hands, getting stuck in the support beams above the basket.

Now, the short video published by the NBA has gone viral, amassing over half a million views, and appearing on NBCSports, Gothamist, and UpRoxx


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Oct 082013
Goalie Jonathan Quick Accidentally Knocks Puck Into His Own Goal

Few things are more embarrassing for a hockey goalie than a video such as this that was just published by the NHL.

After the New York Rangers knocked the puck all the way across the rink, Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick foolishly knocked the puck into the very goal he was attempted to protect.  


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Sep 032013
Arrogant Poker Player Is Bad Beat By River Card

In this World Series of Poker match, Carter Gill was sure he had the win. ESPN even calculated his odds of winning as 93-7, an amazing place to stand with only one last river card to turn over.

But Gill got cocky, as he figured his only way of losing was if a queen was turned as the river card.

“All you need is a queen,” he kept repeating with a smile to his opponent Paredes.

But this is poker, anything is possible. As they say, don’t count your chickens…


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