May 192013

American web users have little sympathy for singers who screw up the National Anthem.

It’s not like these singers are plucked out of the crowd last minute. They all have plenty of time to brush up on the lyrics, and if they are doubtful, just bring a piece of a paper along with you just in case. 

That would look a whole lot better than what Canadian singer Alexis Normand did at the Portland Winterhawks-Halifax Mooseheads game. 

There are few ways of describing her performance other than ‘butchered,’ and now she is quickly going viral for her epic failure.

Last night she tweeted, “I’m embarrassed and deeply sorry. I wish I’d had more time to learn the American anthem.”

Already, the video is featured on Canada, HuffPost, and Metro


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May 112013

Who doesn’t love watching the annoying bird mascot as the baseball park fall on their face? Simply put, mascot fails never get old.

Popular aggregate channel Amazing Life 247 asked their viewers for their favorite mascot blooper videos, and made this Ultimate Mascot Fails Compilation that is trending over the weekend.


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Apr 262013

This video was posted by TVPatter a month ago, but it has only exploded online now, amassing over a quarter million views in just days. A toddler apparently being babysat was standing by the front door screaming, ‘Dad!’

Thing is, the man outside wasn’t dad. It was the postman. While the babysitter tried to explain that dad was coming later, the postman shoved the mail through the slot on the front door, knocking the poor little toddler right in the face.

“Harsh but funny.”


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Apr 082013

Kamaz222 posted this video from Mother Russia last week, and now it stands with over two million views. The short clip, appropriately titled Drifting How Not To Do It, features an older car not quite fast enough to properly drift, resulting in a front end collision with a concrete wall. 


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Apr 032013

Eccentric online scientist Mehdi Sadaghdar has made a name for himself online for his ridiculous how-to videos after originally going viral at the start of the year demonstrating Electrostatic Discharge. He’s basically just like Kramer from Seinfeld, only with a science degree. 

Now, he returns to show viewers how to solve a simple and common problem. How to change a light bulb. It’s not as easy as one might think. 


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