Sep 032013
Arrogant Poker Player Is Bad Beat By River Card

In this World Series of Poker match, Carter Gill was sure he had the win. ESPN even calculated his odds of winning as 93-7, an amazing place to stand with only one last river card to turn over.

But Gill got cocky, as he figured his only way of losing was if a queen was turned as the river card.

“All you need is a queen,” he kept repeating with a smile to his opponent Paredes.

But this is poker, anything is possible. As they say, don’t count your chickens…


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Aug 082013

Discovery themselves were the ones the post this video of Tara Reid’s comments falling apart, appropriately titled Tara Reid Said What.

The host started by reading a question from a fan on twitter that asked, “if sharks were mixed with a natural disaster other than a tornado, what would be the most deadly combination?”

Tara first gave the decent answer of a shark tsunami–an unlikely, but possible event–and the conversation flowed from there. 

But then Tara stopped the presses to announce how she was afraid of making a fool of herself before the show, so she read up about sharks online and was surprised to learn about the Whale Shark.

She then dug her own grave, one word at a time. Even her co-hosts couldn’t help but look at the camera flabbergasted.


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Aug 052013

This martial arts video has instantly gone viral, garnering over 1.7 million views in just one day. The clip has appeared across the web, and features what can only be called the worst taekwondo demonstration ever as the martial arts ‘master’ fails over and over. Awkward.



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Jul 152013

Mondays. Bernard Murphy knows something about Mondays.

While helping a customer in the shop, the security camera caught his embarrassing double fail

First, he somehow slipped forward while sitting on his computer chair, smashing his face into his desk. He then ricocheted off the table and fell on his butt. The customer didn’t seem too concerned, and left with a big smile on his face. 

Now, Bernard is the laughing stock of the office. 


Thanks Bernie!

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