Sep 062012

There are few First World Problems more irritating than opening a fresh, family-sized bag of potato chips only for the packaging to completely fail.

 went through one too many frozen dinners where the plastic packaging just didn’t work, and was inspired to make this ‘Your Food Packaging is Bad‘ video that has started to trend. 


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Sep 022012

Magicians like performing tricks for young kids because they are easily convinced and are equally amazed. David Williamson thought he had a great victim for his card trick in this older video that just went viral

But when he starts the trick and explains, “OK, Murray, we have three cards…” Murray interrupts him. 

“No, there’s four I can see another one under this one.” and proceeds to peel a hidden fourth card from under the last. 


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Aug 302012

With all three major cable news stations completely focused on Hurricane Irene, it’s only appropriate for this newly published video to go viral. 

 compiled all the best fail hurricane in the news clips from over the years into one ultimate fail video. For some reason, cable news thinks we want to see our reporter in the storm to believe what they are saying.

We believe you! Get out of there!

Actually, wait, no. We don’t believe you. Either you’re in the eye of the storm getting pummeled, or you’re acting like it’s a serious storm, but we see the guys in bathing suits having fun behind you, so…


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Aug 272012

Jayanthy Murugesu is the latest fool to go viral for being so bad, viewers just have to show their friends.

The Justin Bieber loving teen thought she had the talent to be the next X-Factor winner in Australia and auditioned by singing world famous Baby by her idol. Suffice to say, the judges didn’t think she had the whole package. 


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