Jan 032013

For some reason, local Los Angeles TV channel KDOC thought it would be a good idea to put on their own live New Year’s Eve party to compete with the countless others.

And now it’s turning out KDOC’s show is actually going viral. For all the wrong reasons.

The show had no delay, and was completely live. It was also packed with F-bombs, dead air, glitches, awkward pauses, and no name celebrity failures.

All in all, it may have been the most entertaining New Year’s Eve show on television that nobody was at, and nobody watched. Thankfully, BlackDudeWhiteChick DVRed the whole thing, and has posted it online for all to enjoy. 



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Jan 012013

Funny Cats And Nice Fish is dedicated to recording all the preciousness and adorableness of their family of cats and kittens. Over the months, the kitties have had their share of falls and spills during play.

FCANF made this cute compilation of all their cats’ fails that already has over 60,000 views, and is shared by StuffIStole.


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Dec 312012

Fail Army, the YouTube channel obsessed with all things fails, of course had to make a end-of-the-year wrap up video. Impressively, their Ultimate Fails Compilation 2012 video was only published just before the weekend, and already it had amassed over 10.4 million hits


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Dec 212012

Sometimes the outtakes have a better chance to go viral than the actual commercial. At least that’s the case with this outtakes reel Sutherland Weston posted from the commercial they made for Dystarts, a small restaurant in Maine.

Jack and his wife were to star in the commercial, by simply saying, “Baked in a buttery flaky crust.” But after countless mess ups with the word ‘flaky’ even his wife of countless years was getting frustrated with him. 

Now, the new adorable video has over 175,000 views, and is featured on DailyOfTheDay, HuffPost, and MostWatched


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Dec 212012

The worst kind of trust fall failures are the ones where nothing spectacular happens. There’s no funny reason the trusting ‘faller’ isn’t caught, and the ‘catchers’ didn’t mess up on purpose. 

But for no other real reason except for being truly pathetic, the ‘catchers’ just drop the ‘faller.’

And that’s exactly what happened to Dan Bob. Let this be a lesson. Be wary of who you trust. Especially when they attempt to comfort you with, ‘Trust us, we’ll catch you.”


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