Oct 102015
AT-AT Walker Steps On Luke Skywalker In Star Wars Battlefront

With today’s computing power, modern Star Wars games can really do the movies justice. In the new Star Wars Battlefront game, fans can relive the battle on Hoth as it was intended. Luke Skywalker even makes a cameo on the battle field. While playing for the Empire, one gamer watched as an AT-AT stepped on Skywalker like he was a bug. Now, this clip has instantly gone viral this weekend. 


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Oct 072015
Launching A Wheel Using An Airbag Doesn’t End Well

This was a pretty bad idea from the start. For some reason, Waldo Rodriguez and his friends had the bright idea to launch a car wheel using not one airbag, but three! They seemed shocked when the wheel was instantly launched into the air. All they could do was nervously ask, “Where’s the wheel? Where’s the wheel??” 

And then smash! Right on top of someone’s Civic. This video has gone viral with over 625,000 views!


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Sep 242015
High School Kicker Accidentally Hits Referee’s Head And Scores Field Goal

This just might be the rarest field goal score ever. A Midland Lee high school football kicker in Texas seemingly accidentally kicked the ball much too low to score a field goal. But incredibly, one of the referees was standing right in the path of the ball which bounced off his head and scored a goal! This video has instantly gone viral!


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Sep 232015
Demonstration Of Acrylic Water Pipe’s Durability Has Hilarious Ending

This bodega owner really wants to prove to his customers how strong and durable this acrylic water pipe is. You can bang it, drop it, and even wash it in the dishwasher and it will never break. To prove how much stroger this acrylic pipe is compared to a glass one, he wrapped it in paper and lighter fluid and lit it on fire outside. Except his sales pitch didn’t end in the way he was hoping. This hilarious fail video has gone viral with over one million views!


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Sep 112015
Biker’s Epic Fail As An Unexpected GoPro Commercial

Helmet camera footage from bikers traversing difficult terrains is always heart-racing and exciting. But what about the footage you don’t see when the biker has a serious fall? As there are so many sports-themed GoPro commercials featuring stunning perspectives, XeteraCX thought it would be fun to take this helmet-camera video of a biker having a serious fall off the Bolivian Death Road, and added some inspiring music to make an unexpected commercial. This clip has gone viral with over one million views!


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