Jun 292016
This Is What Happens When You Forget To Close The Sun Roof In A Car Wash

Every time you go for a car wash, the attendant or robot tells you put the car in neutral and roll up your windows. Most of us double check to make sure the windows are closed. Sadly, this driver did not make sure. Splash!


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Jun 232016
New Yorkers Just Missing Their Train

Like all things in life, living in New York City has its positives and negatives. Take the subway for example. For only a few bucks you can travel across the entire grand city all day and night. But the flip side of the subway is when you miss that one late night train and realize you may be waiting 45 minutes for the next one. 


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Jun 032016
Man Breaks Priceless Antique Clock In Museum

What’s the first rule we are taught as kids when we visit the museum for the first time? Don’t. Touch. Anything! Apparently, this guy didn’t get the message. So while visiting the National Watch and Clock Museum, in Columbia, Pennsylvania, he decided to touch, and mess around with a priceless antique clock. Big mistake! 


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May 132016
Passerby Records The Two Dumbest Mall Robbers Ever In Sweden

What would you do if you saw two masked men ride a motorcycle into the mall and then break into a store demanding goods? Most of us would run away and call the police. Not this guy. Instead, he brazenly recorded two robbers when he saw that exact scene unfold at a mall in Sweden. Soon it becomes apparent that these two fools were not that prepared to pull off their robbery. 


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May 122016
Stupid Driver Gets His Jeep Stuck In The Mud At The Beach

Yes, the Jeep is a great off road vehicle. But that doesn’t make it impervious to nature. While at the beach, one driver took his Jeep out to the tide and made the huge mistake of driving into the water. The mix of water, sand, and lack of traction caused the Jeep to dig itself deeper and deeper into the muck. That’s one way to burn $25,000.


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