Jan 152016
Girl Discovers Boy She Crushed On In High School Has A New Girlfriend

Social media and Facebook are incredible devices that can keep us easily connected to the people we love. But what happens when it keeps you updated on the people you don’t want to keep in touch with? 

Hallie Bateman couldn’t help but hit the ‘record’ button on her smartphone when she witnessed her roommate have an emotional meltdown as she looked over her old high school crush’s Facebook profile and the new girl he is now with. This Hallie Bateman has gone viral with over 1.3 million views!


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Dec 092015
Republican 2015 Presidential Debate Real Slim Shady Rap Battle

Even though the 2015 Republican Presidential debate hosted by Fox News and Facebook took place a couple months ago, this video has only gone viral now after being posted on Facebook. Soon after the debate in August, Mike Beas had an epiphany and got to work editing the footage. What he ended up with was a glorious parody of Eminem’s Real Slim Shady that is sure to entertain.


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Nov 112015
How Facebook Is Stealing Billions Of Views

It wasn’t that long ago when YouTube was the king of the video world online. But now, Facebook has quickly become one of the Web’s top video sites. The thing is, most videos posted on Facebook are just copies of YouTube videos. Content creators on YouTube are getting screwed, while popular Facebook pages steal their videos and upload them as their own, rarely linking to the original. Kurzgesagt explains the tense situation in this new clip which ironically will probably end on uploaded to Facebook sooner or later. 


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Jul 162015
If People Said Happy Birthday Like They Do On Facebook

It wasn’t that long ago when people had to actually remember the dates of their friends’ birthdays. But now, thanks to Facebook, that’s just a thing of the past. When it is someone’s birthday, people usually post the a couple different versions of the same happy birthday greeting on their wall. But what if this took place in real life? It might look something like this sketch by the folks at College Humor.


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Apr 302015
If Facebook Got Rid of Everything You Hate

Facebook is a funny place. It’s the world’s most popular social network, and we all use it on a daily basis. But strangely, even though we are all addicted to Facebook, most people seem to hate it as well. It’s a serious love-hate relationship. 

So College Humor got to thinking and put together what Facebook would look like if they got rid of everything we hate


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