Apr 302015
If Facebook Got Rid of Everything You Hate

Facebook is a funny place. It’s the world’s most popular social network, and we all use it on a daily basis. But strangely, even though we are all addicted to Facebook, most people seem to hate it as well. It’s a serious love-hate relationship. 

So College Humor got to thinking and put together what Facebook would look like if they got rid of everything we hate


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Mar 252015
If People Left Parties Like They Leave Facebook

There are over one billion users on Facebook, the world’s largest social network. Years ago, Facebook was the cool and hip network for only college kids. Now it is as ubiquitous as email filled with grandmas and businesses. Facebook has become the opposite of cool.

For some reason, people seem to always make a big fuss about leaving Facebook. When they finally do, they tend to make a large post explaining that they’ve had enough. College Humor pokes fun at all those people in this new sketch, titled If People Left Parties Like They Leave Facebook. 

The irony is that most users just ignore these final posts of farewell. We know you’ll be back anyways. 


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Jan 232015
Facebook Stalking Your Successful Friends Music Video

Is there anything more depressing than getting lost on Facebook, sifting through all of your successful friends’ pages? You’ll stumble upon a picture of their new house, and before your know it, it’s 5 AM and you’re a miserable, jealous mess. Comedian Pat Regan sings about this Internet phenomenon in this hilariously true College Humor music video. 


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Jan 212015
Spoof Facebook Commercial If It Came Out In 1995

Back in the 90’s, it seemed that everyone was on America Online. It was literally the first social network. There are even vintage commercials for AOL from 1995 that are on YouTube. Now that Facebook has apparently become the new AOL, Brent Weinbach spoofed the AOL classic 90’s commercial with this fake ad for what ‘The Facebook’ might have looked like if it came out in the 90’s.

Sign me up. 


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Oct 032014
Why Snapchat Is Overtaking Facebook

As all online veterans know, first there was Friendster which MySpace dethroned. Then Facebook conquered MySpace. Since then, there have been many social networking sites that either can’t overtake Facebook or have been purchased by the big blue F. 

But there is one network that wouldn’t take any cash from Facebook. Snapchat rejected $3 billion to be purchased by Zuckerberg. Filmmaker Casey Neistat explains why Snapchat may very well overtake Facebook in the social media world. 


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