May 272014
Kiteboarding In Aruba

What exactly is kiteboarding? It’s basically a hybrid mixing windsurfing and paragliding into one epic, extreme sport. Videographer Devin Supertramp shows viewers just how awesome the sport can be in this new video he put together while in Aruba. The kite makes pulling off sweet jumps and tricks that much easier and effortless. 


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May 152014
Extreme Pogo Stick Parkour

How can extreme athletes take parkour to the next level when it’s been done so many times before? Combine it with the pogo stick. The crew of Xpogo show off their best and most extreme parkour pogo stick moves in this newly trending video. They bounce, flip, twirl, and more in ways that would leave most people with a cracked bone or two. Or three. 


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May 092014
Mountain Biker Demonstrates Extreme Parallel To The Ground Turn

To demonstrate the durability and strength of their bicycles, Specialized Bicycles had mountain biker Matt Hunter push one of their bikes to the extreme. In this short clip, Matt takes the Specialized S-Works Enduro 29 on a turn so sharp, he actually becomes parallel to the ground for an amazing instant. This new video already has over 315,000 hits!


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May 012014
Matt Powers Pulls Off Mid Drift 360

Race car driver Matt Powers is trending after pulling off a rare racing drift. While rushing down the down hill section of Horse Thief Mile at Willow Springs, Matt pulled a daring 360 in the middle of an epic drift! His video has already amassed over 400,000 hits!


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Apr 292014
Vegan Bodybuilder Shows Off Extreme Calisthenics Moves

Bodybuilder Frank Medrano is famous as the vegan bodybuilder. Most bodybuilders swear by eating meat, but Frank prefers beans and soy protein. Obviously, it’s working for him as he is super ripped. 

In this video posted two months ago that is still trending with over 1.9 million hits, Frank shows off his epic strength by performing Calisthenics moves that seem impossible to the everyday person. 


Via Wimp.

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