Mar 212014
Daredevil Performs Handstand On Edge Of Building

Daredevil Scott Young takes his profession very seriously. 

Sports obsessed 3run reports that Scott recently performed a handstand on the edge of a 40 story building in China. The winds were blowing and he wore no safety equipment, but that didn’t seem to faze him one bit. 

His daring act has gone viral with over 400,000 hits this week. 


Via 22Words

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Mar 202014
Freestyle Skiing With Bobby Brown Is One Crazy Ride

Extreme skier Bobby Brown shows off his best tricks in this latest video. With his buddy Erik Mehus recording on a GoPro, the two hit the slopes in Breckenridge, Colorado to pull off some sweet freestyle moves.

It’s no surprise Bobby is a famous Winter-X Games gold medalist. He’s also the first skier to ever to land a Switch Double Misty 1440, and one of the first to complete a Triple Cork 1440.


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Mar 182014
March Madness Frisbee Trick Shots

Trick shot master Brodie Smith stands out from the crowd of online athletes as he performs his magic not with basketballs or footballs, but with Frisbees. 

In honor of March Madness and to promote an HHG contest, Brodie pulled off a slew of Frisbee tricks at a department store that are sure to dazzle. 


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Mar 182014
Impossibly Awesome Trick Shots

The Web’s most famous trick shot masters Dude Perfect teamed up with RocketJump, one of YouTube’s best special effects studios. 

Together, they put on an epic show of nine impossible trick shots, all in one take. It’s amazing what you can do with CGI and computer editing. 

Sure it’s fake, but that doesn’t detract from how awesome it it. 


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Mar 182014
Amazing Vitruvian Man Street Performance Will Blow Your Mind

While walking the streets of Taipei, Taiwan, CuriousWorldWanderer stumbled upon an amazing street performance

A man put on a jaw-dropping ‘Vitruvian Man’ performance with a giant ring inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s timeless Vitruvian Man drawing of a man inscribed in a circle.

The video was actually posted online in 2011, but is trending again now. 


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