Jan 052015
Man Climbing 1500′ TV Tower Will Make Your Palms Sweaty

Analog television is dead, but the giant towers that once broadcast the signal to countless televisions are still standing. And someone has to change the light bulb at the top of the tower when it goes out. That someone was recently tower climber Kevin Schmidt who climbed 1500 feet up to change the light at the top of the analog broadcast antenna near Salem, South Dakota. Gorgeous! 


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Dec 232014
LeBron James Jr. Can Play Like His Dad

LeBron James is one of the most famous basketball players in the world today. Apparently, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. His young son, LeBron Jr. has gone viral after highlights of the fourth grader dominating the court at the 2014 Ronald Searles Holiday Classic hit the Web. This clip by Take My Talent has already gone viral with over 1.3 million hits after LeBron tweeted it!


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Dec 172014
People Are Awesome 2014

We humans give ourselves a bad rap. The news and media often focuses on the negative in the world, ignoring all the greatness of mankind. Thankfully, we have People are Awesome. The popular channel ends each year with an epic compilation celebrating human physical ability and ambition. Yes, people were very awesome in 2014


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Dec 162014
World’s Best Trampoline Will Amaze You

Trampolines aren’t only for kids anymore. The fun, bouncy device can be mastered like any other sport. Acrobatic gymnast Greg Roe specializes in the trampoline. Devin Supertramp had the chance to work with Greg and trampoline company EuroTramp to create this epic trampoline tricks video that is sure to amaze. 


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