Dec 112013
Martyn Ashton’s Road Bike Party 2

Last year, Martyn Ashton went viral with his impressive Road Bike Party video which currently stands with over 9 million views!

Now, he has teamed up with Global Cycling Network to deliver a second dose of epic biking athleticism and tricks. Part 2 has already amassed over 900,000 hits, and is featured on Yahoo, DenverPost, and SportsGrid.  


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Dec 112013
Bike Parkour In San Francisco

Devin Supertramp teamed up with BMX riders Tim Knoll, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, Zak Maeda, Casey Holm, and William Hendrickson to deliver this epic parkour video. 

The group grabbed their bikes and took to the streets of San Fran, performing extreme and inconceivable BMX tricks.  


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Dec 092013
Pocahontas Skateboarder

Pocahontas is of course the Native American who famously saved John Smith. 

Now, she is also a skateboarder. 

For no particular reason except that it’s awesome, pro skater Leticia Bufoni donned a Pocahontas costume, and showed off her sweet moves in this skater video by SK8ONLYTV with Colors Of The Wind from Disney’s Pocahontas appropriately playing.


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Dec 072013
Amazing Acrobatic Teeterboard Training

Athletes David Rimmer and his partner Steph show off their sick teeterboard moves in this video. The two not only launch each other high in the air on the seesaw, but pull off daring flips and even switch places in the middle. 

For once, a vertical video perspective is appropriate. 


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