Sep 042015
Ants Mysterious Circle Ringing iPhone

This strange short clip demonstrates the invisible power of our smartphones. In the video, a large group of tiny ants can be seen randomly running around an iPhone. But the second the phone rings the ants mysteriously begin to circle the device counterclockwise. Many speculate the electromagnetic radiation affects the ants causing them to circle phone. 


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Sep 022015
Big Flying Bug Scares Reporter

Have you ever been scared by a flying bug only for your friends to laugh at you? Well imagine how much worse you would feel if thousands of viewers watched you freak out over a flying bug because you were live on the air? FOX 5 San Diego weather reporter Brad Wills was by the beach reporting on the warm weather when a giant bug flew right at his face. Naturally, he ‘bugged out’ a bit only for his fellow news crew to giggle at him


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Mar 282012

Human children are supposed to be slowly weened off a breasts milk to solid food as they grow from baby to toddler. It would probably be difficult to find a pediatrician who would recommend chewing the food first, then dropping it into your child’s mouth, like a bird would.

But that’s exactly what famous actress Alicia Silverstone was caught on camera doing with her 11 month old son, Bear Blu. The video is featured on NYCBarStoolSports.  


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Feb 072012

NSFW – disturbing content, graphic vomiting 

There are many Internet challenges pertaining towards food. There’s eating hot peppers, eating pure, ground cinnamon, drinking a gallon of milk, and more.  wants to go down in Internet history, so he’s trying the ultimate food challenge that he has dubbed The Gauntlet Challenge.

He attempts to eat 6 Habanero peppers, 15 warheads, 2 packs of mentos with diet coke, cinnamon, and a gallon of milk. The results are a disturbing puke-tastic mess. 


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Sep 232011

Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski continue their Yankees-Red Sox feud in ‘s latest commercial. While watching a serious Yankees Sox game, Alec insists on holding his bladder from fear of jinxing the Yankees. In the end, he ruins Jason’s floor. Eww.  


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