Sep 092016
Ellen And Tom Hanks Have A Conversation As Dory And Woody

Most kids have no idea who Tom Hanks or Ellen DeGeneres are. But on the other hand, it’s almost impossible to find a kid who doesn’t know who Woody or Dory are from the Pixar universe. So while Ellen DeGeneres was hosting Tom Hanks on her show, the two channeled their inner Dory and Woody and had an adorable conversation. 


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Sep 082016
Ellen and Britney Spears Have Fun At The Mall

Everyone wants to be rich and famous. But there’s a lot of baggage that comes with all that fame. Thankfully, Ellen DeGeneres has a sense of humor about it all. So she invited pop star Britney Spears to go to the mall and have some fun. 


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Feb 262016
Ellen Interviews ‘Damn Daniel’ And His Friend

In case you missed it, Daniel and Josh are two high-school students who exploded on Snapchat and online after Josh kept posting funny clips of Daniel looking fashionable and reacting each time with “Damn Daniel!”

Ellen loved the meme so much, she invited the two onto her show. This interiew has gone viral with over 7 million hits!


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Feb 252016
Kate McKinnon Impersonates Ellen On Ellen Show

Kate McKinnon is one of SNL’s best actors. She is known for her hilarious impersonations of famous women, especially Hilary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres. The real Ellen loved her impersonation so much, she invited Kate onto her show for a little double Ellen action. This clip instantly went viral on Facebook! 


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Feb 172016
Ronda Rousey Discusses Her UFC Upset Fight With Ellen

Ronda Rousey is one of the most famous MMA fighter in the country. Everyone thought her recent fight was an easy win. No now expected that outcome. Ellen finally got the chance to talk to her to ask about the upset. 

This interview has gone viral with over 2.75 million views!


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