Oct 042014
Girl Who Performed Epic Anaconda Dance Is Invited Onto Ellen

Last week, Laurence and his eleven year old dance student Taylor Hatala went viral with their epic Anaconda dance performance. That video stands with over 7 million hitsEllen DeGeneres saw the video and knew that she had to have Taylor on her show. Now, Taylor is trending again after performing her epic dance on TV.  


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Sep 222014
Ellen Introduces Kids To Old Technology

The Internet couldn’t get enough when the Fine Brothers showed an old Apple computer to a group of cute kids. The children just couldn’t get over the old tech. That video stands with over 13 million viewsEllen DeGeneres seems to have been inspired by that clip as she decided to show some old technology to a few kids to see how they react. Naturally, their reactions are adorable. 


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Sep 162014
Ellen and Kristen Wiig Sing ‘Let It Go

The Internet was over Let It Go a long time ago, but that didn’t stop Ellen DeGeneres from bringing it back. While hosting actress Kristen Wiig, Ellen confessed that she is one of the few people who doesn’t know the words to the popular Frozen song. Kristen felt the same about herself. So the two decided to sing Let It Go to create the worst version out there. Their ridiculous cover has instantly gone viral with over one million views!


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Sep 152014
Usher Takes On Ellen’s American Ninja Warrior

Apparently, Usher can do more than just a sing. The talented dancer proved just how in shape he is on The Ellen Show. The people of American Ninja Warrior built Ellen a mini-obstacle course outside her studio. Using the strength and agility he has amassed over the years as an incredible dancer, Usher crushed the course in less than 140 seconds. 


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Sep 122014
Ellen Meets the ‘Apparently’ Kid

Noah Ritter was once just your everyday kid. But then he had an interview on TV during a state fair and since then he has been known as the Apparently Kid. His interview quickly went viral and stands with over 16 million hits! Now, he has apparently ‘made it’ as he was invited on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.



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