Jun 202014
Cute Baby Elephants Play Soccer

What’s cuter than a baby elephant? How about a bunch of baby elephants playing soccer? As the world is celebrating the World Cup, a special elephant orphanage is getting their residents into the game. Barcroft TV  reports that during playtime, the baby elephants love nothing more than playing soccer with their keepers at the The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust facility.  


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Jun 132014
Woman Sings Elephant To Sleep With Lullaby

Thai elephant caretaker Lek takes her job very seriously. She’s basically the big mama for all of the elephants. Just watch as Lek puts one of the giant pachydermes to sleep with a relaxing and peaceful lullaby. Ahhh. 


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May 162014
Terrifying Elephant Roar

A trumpeting elephant is already intimidating. But while tracking one elephant in the jungles of India, Sasha Hamilton heard a much more terrifying sound that he can only assume is how a T-Rex sounds. Obviously, this elephant was not too thrilled with the paparazzi following him around. The clip is actually from 2007, but is trending again now.


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May 142014
Elephants Dramatically Save Young Calf Pulled By Powerful River Current

In this suspenseful video taken by Kicheche Laikipia safari guest Sandy Gelderman, two elephants help save a baby calf from the powerful current of the river. The herd was attempted to cross the rain-swollen Ewaso Nyiro river which had a very strong current. Even the grown elephants struggled with the river, so it was no surprise a young calf was quickly swept away.

Thankfully, an elephant close by jumped into action to help the calf until big mama arrived to the complete the extraction.

Phew. Thank goodness Dumbo is safe.


Via 22Words

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