Oct 122015
Elephant Comes To The Rescue Of Man Pushed Down

Elephants have a special place in our hearts. Maybe it’s the fact that they have many traits that we associate with humanity, such as mourning their loved ones. Or maybe it’s because we all loved Dumbo as a kid. In case you needed another reason why elephants are awesome, elephant caretakers in Thailand demonstrate what happens when an elephant sees one of the caretakers is pushed down. Elephant to the rescue


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Aug 042015
Elephants Investigate GoPro Camera

A GoPro camera is nothing special these days. But for an elephant, it’s something very unique and different. While enjoying a stroll, a herd of elephants accidentally stumbled upon a GoPro camera. At first they seemed scared of the recording device, but then they mustered the courage to poke it around a bit to.


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Jul 082015
Elephant Picks Up GoPro

One of the greatest thrills of traveling to Africa is riding exotic animals. While riding a kindhearted elephant in Victoria Falls in Africa, Adrian Fowler accidentally dropped his GoPro camera. Apparently that wasn’t the first time a tourist had dropped something while riding Jock the elephant, because the great animal didn’t hesitate to pick it up with his trunk and pass it on up to Adrian. Coolest elephant ever! 


Via SayOMG.

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Jun 012015
Elephant Herd Helps Baby Elephant That Fell On The Road

Elephants are known as being animals that have a strong sense of family. So it was no surprise when an elephant calf collapsed on the road in Kruger National Park in South Africa that the rest of the herd quickly came to check on the baby and get it back on its feet. So cute! This video by Kruger National Park has gone viral with over 3.4 million views!


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