Jun 012015
Elephant Herd Helps Baby Elephant That Fell On The Road

Elephants are known as being animals that have a strong sense of family. So it was no surprise when an elephant calf collapsed on the road in Kruger National Park in South Africa that the rest of the herd quickly came to check on the baby and get it back on its feet. So cute! This video by Kruger National Park has gone viral with over 3.4 million views!


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Nov 122014
Young Elephant Survives Attack By Lion Pack

The cameraman assumed it was all over when he saw a pack of fourteen lions attack a young elephant. Lions can take down a fully grown elephant when they are really hungry, so it seemed the little guy didn’t stand a chance. But amazingly, he never gave up. Finally, after apparently realizing that cats hate water, the elephant ran into the watering hole until he created space between him and the cats. 


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Oct 032014
Elephants Helps Baby Elephant Up At The Zoo

Elephants make great parents. When an adorable elephant slipped and fell on its back at the Zoo Zürich in Zurich, Switzerland, the adults quickly ran over to help the little guy get back on its feet. This cute clip has gone viral with over 600,000 hits!


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Aug 312014
Elephants Play With Ribbon

Elephant News reports that Faa Mai and other elephants at the Elephant Nature Park love to play. Here, the elephants play with a large blue ribbon. It’s almost as if they are playing hoola hoop. This week old video has gone viral with over 600,000 hits!


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Aug 252014
Elephants Dance To Violin

Elephants are known for their intelligence, powerful emotions, and great memories. Musician Eleanor Bartsch had an upcoming violin performance with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin. She also happens to have two elephants for neighbors, so she decided practice some Bach for them. To her surprise, Kelly and Viola loved her music and started to dance!


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