Feb 172016
Adopted Baby Elephant Adorably Wreaks Havoc At Home

What kid doesn’t dream of having a pet elephant? Especially after watching Disney’s Dumbo. Roxy’s exotic African animal rehabilitation center recently took Moyo the orphaned baby elephant in. 

This cute clip of Moyo wreaking havoc at home is simply adorable.  


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Jan 242016
Elephants Protect Baby Elephant Calf From Wild Dogs

Thanks to cartoons, most of us have kind images of elephants. But in truth, they are giant beasts who are not to be messed with. In this clip, a group of wild dogs attempt to take out a baby elephant calf. 

But the mom, dad, and all the aunt and uncle elephants weren’t having any of that. 


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Dec 092015
Baby Elephant Doesn’t Want To Get Out Of Bath

Bath time is a funny thing with kids. At first, they fight and do everything in their power to not take a bath. But once they’re in the nice warm water, they fight when mom and dad say bath time is over. Apparently, this isn’t only a human issue. Visitors to the The Hide Safari Camp watched with glee when they saw a baby elephant calf try as hard as possible to stay in the water and the mama elephant had to literally push the baby out. This cute clip has gone viral with over 250,000 views!


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Oct 122015
Elephant Comes To The Rescue Of Man Pushed Down

Elephants have a special place in our hearts. Maybe it’s the fact that they have many traits that we associate with humanity, such as mourning their loved ones. Or maybe it’s because we all loved Dumbo as a kid. In case you needed another reason why elephants are awesome, elephant caretakers in Thailand demonstrate what happens when an elephant sees one of the caretakers is pushed down. Elephant to the rescue


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Aug 042015
Elephants Investigate GoPro Camera

A GoPro camera is nothing special these days. But for an elephant, it’s something very unique and different. While enjoying a stroll, a herd of elephants accidentally stumbled upon a GoPro camera. At first they seemed scared of the recording device, but then they mustered the courage to poke it around a bit to.


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