Feb 232015
The Idiot’s Guide To Money

Money! It makes the world go round and we all want more of it. But why? What’s so special about money. Most people just know that you need money for the things you need and want in life, but there’s more to money than just that.

Thankfully, Above Average offers a quick summary about money in this Idiot’s Guide to Money video


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Feb 222015
Misconceptions From The Internet

The Internet is a great place we all love. Now, we can order pizza, meet new friends, check the news, play games, and even go to college, all online. There’s a lot to learn on the Web. But there’s also a lot of misinformation out there. 

Elliot of Mental Floss reviews a slew of misconceptions from the Internet in this viral video.  


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Feb 172015
Why Can Pilots Fly Into Hurricanes But Not Thunderstorms

Just like tornado chasers, hurricane hunters run to the extreme storm instead of running away. But how is it that hurricane hunters can fly into hurricanes, but pilots do whatever they can to not fly into a thunderstorm?

Even though both are extreme, The Weather Channel explains the difference in this very cool 3D computer animation that has gone viral with over 400,000 hits!  


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Feb 052015
How Green Screen Worked Before Computers

Today, even a teenager on YouTube using simple programs and cameras can make a video that back in the day would have cost a large Hollywood studio tens of thousands of dollar to make. We take for granted how easy it is to edit using a green screen. But what did they use before modern green screen technology?

British nerd Tom Scott explains in this educational video


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