Jul 152014
Bill Gates’s Favorite Business Book

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are two of the world’s richest businessmen. So when they both approve of a business book you know there’s something special to be read. Bill Gates just posted this video on his YouTube channel The Gates Notes covering his favorite book, and the clip is quickly taking off. 


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Jul 152014
What Makes Tattoos Permanent

Tattoos go back thousands of years in human history. But how exactly does the art work? As humans, we are constantly shedding our skin. So why don’t tattoos slowly fade away? TED-Ed explains in this viral video that it is actually our body’s self defense mechanisms that cause the ink to become permanent.  


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Jul 122014
Three Reasons War Is Actually Going Away

War! Violence! Destruction! If you read today’s headlines you may be led to believe that we live in a terribly violent time. But news channel Vox explains that we actually live in a very peaceful time thanks to three major reasons

Remember, there’s less war and violence now than at any time in human history. We just have a magnified glass on the current struggles thanks to the relatively new 24/7, social media-enhanced news cycle. 


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Jul 092014
20 Famous Myths And Misconceptions About Intercourse

The one topic nearly all kids pay great attention to in school is sex ed. Still, countless myths and misconceptions about coitus are abound. Thankfully, Dr. Aaron Carroll of The Health Care Triage has guest starred on list channel Mental Floss to debunk 20 famous misconceptions and myths about intercourse


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