Apr 172015
Remote Control Underwater Vehicle Encounters A Rare Sperm Whale

The ocean explorers of EV Nautilus had an amazing discovery with one of their remote control underwater vehicles. The ROV Hercules was nearly 600 meters below the Gulf of Mexico when it had an encounter with a rare sperm whale. Now this footage has gone viral!


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Apr 162015
Scientific Parody Of Style By Taylor Swift

Have you ever been listening to a pop song and thought, if only this was more educational? Well the nerds of Asap Science have got you covered. They recreated the Taylor Swift hit Style with just their voices and changed the lyrics to be more scientific. 


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Apr 142015
The Design Of The Aluminum Beverage Can Is More Interesting Than You Thought

The aluminum drinking can is one of the most ubiquitous food containers in the world. Over 500 billions cans are made every year for billions of people to enjoy countless different drinks. But the can is so common that most people ignore just how ingenious the design is. 

Bill The Engineer Guy explains all there is to know about the aluminum beverage can in this enthralling video


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Apr 072015
Sugar Is Killing Us Animation

Everyone knows that obesity has become a serious problem in America. Besides for lack of exercise and a healthy diet, sugar is one of the biggest contributors of this trend. But how bad is sugar really? This animation, titled Sugar is Killing Us, doesn’t beat around the bush and explains just how serious of a problem sugar has become. The video was published in 2012, but is trending again now. 


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Apr 042015
Albert Einstein Or Marilyn Monroe Optical Illusion Explained

There is a classic Internet optical illusion picture that often makes its way around the Web. Depending on the circumstances, viewers may either see Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe. The educators of Asap Science finally explains how this effect works in this video. 


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