Jun 282014
Worst Parallel Parker Will Drive You Insane

Parallel parking is no doubt one of the most difficult techniques a driver can attempt. Most student drivers dread the parallel parking part of their drivers test. Somehow, Jared Boehm witnesses what can only be described as the worst parallel parker ever. Not only was the street calm with little traffic to distract or hurry the parker, but the parking spot was nearly two car lengths long. Still, this Portland driver couldn’t figure it out, and gave up in the end. How did they ever get a license in the first place?


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May 162014
Dancing Ambulance Driver Will Make You Smile

Being an EMT is physically and emotionally exhausting. You see terrible things that are impossible to forget. If you don’t find a way to be happy, the job can quickly drain your spirit. This one ambulance driver has no problem with that. He knows how to separate himself from the dramas of his job and enjoy life. When his song comes on on the radio he can’t help but crank up the music and dance!


Via 22Words

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May 152014
Driver’s ‘Bad Mother’ Wallet From Pulp Fiction Gets Him Out Of A Ticket

When you get pulled over for an obvious transgression such as openly driving through a red light, it’s best to simply own up to it when confronted by the police. At least, that the lesson from this hilarious interaction between a confident driver and a police officer. After driving through a red light, and then quickly getting pulled over, Nicholas Serra was open and honest about his driving and everything else. 

He first told the officer he had a concealed weapon in the glove box, and also that he was a police scanner amateur. But when Nick opened his wallet to give the cop his license, the officer couldn’t contain his glee seeing Nick had the famous ‘Bad Mother******’ wallet from Pulp Fiction

 ”I gotta let him go just on the fact he has the Bad Mother wallet!” he exclaimed. 


Via Gawker.

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May 152014
Truck Smashes Into Overpass

You know those signs that tell you how tall the upcoming overpass is while driving on the highway? Those aren’t there just to offer you trivial information. Trucks can only pass under certain heights and must always be aware of how tall an overpass is. This Long Island commuter noticed a truck driving on a car-only parkway and expected trouble. Sure enough, the tractor trailer smashed into an overpass which was too short. Ouch.


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Apr 212014
Two Dudes Lip-Sync ‘Love Is An Open Door’ While Going For A Drive

Remember the ‘good looking’ couple who went viral lip syncing Frozen‘s hit song Love Is An Open Door while going for a drive? That video has amassed over 10 million views, and has inspired countless copy cats. 

But no one expected Matt Kilby and his Navy baseball buddy to copy the video in such an adorable way. Their ‘Brozen’ video has gone viral over the weekend with over half a million hits already!


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