Mar 172015
Seniors Play Drinking Games With College Seniors

College seniors think they can take anyone in a drinking game. But real senior citizens know they can. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Complex gathered a group of college seniors and senior citizens to battle over some drinking games.

Who do you think will win? 


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Feb 182015
Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glass Are Deliciously Genius

What’s better than taking a couple shots with friends? How about if the shot glasses were edible and delicious? Sherri from The Watering Mouth explains and demonstrates the simple process to make mini-shot ‘glasses’ out of marshmallows

Just fill it with your favorite chocolate liquor, and eat the whole thing! Yum! 


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Jan 262015
Coffee Around The World

In America, most people wake up with a nice, hot cup of Joe in the morning. Made from instant crystals or fresh grounds, most drinkers add milk, cream, and/or sugar. But around the world, coffee drinkers enjoy the popular caffeinated beverage in many different ways.

BuzzFeed takes viewers around the world in this video covering different styles of coffee from around the world.  


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Nov 112014
World’s Fastest Coke Machine

There’s a legendary soda machine in the middle of nowhere in Lerna, Illinois that people travel countless miles just to buy a pop from. Why? Because it is considered the fastest Coke machine in the world. The legend goes that you can’t press the button and catch the soda with the same hand. It seems the legend is true


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Nov 102014
Woman Explains How Monster Energy Drinks Are From The Devil

Most adults who taste Monster energy drinks may think it’s a product from hell, but that’s only because of the taste and the way it makes them feel. But one woman really believes that Monster drinks are the work of the devil. She explains how the ‘M’ in Hebrew is actually representative of ’666,’ the numbers of the Satan. Naturally, the Internet can’t help but watch and laugh at her presentation. 


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