Jun 132014
Coffee Expert Reviews Cheap Coffees

When BuzzFeed discovers something that works, they don’t just let it go. So after posting successful viral videos of experts tasting wine and beer, the popular Internet-culture website is continuing their series. This time, they hired a professional coffee expert and taste tester to blindly taste a slew of famous and popular mainstream coffees, such as coffee from Dunkin Donuts, 7-11, and more! What about Speedway coffee?

What’s your favorite coffee?


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Jun 042014
Boiling Coca-Cola Has Gross Results

Countless people drink a soda or two a day. There’s no arguing it’s delicious, but do you even realize what you are drinking? To demonstrate what’s really inside your Coke, the Crazy Russian Hacker boiled a bottle of the dark sweet beverage on the stove. All that’s left is a nasty dark syrup. It’s just plain nasty. 


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May 292014
Coca-Cola Introduces Friendly Twist Caps To Promote Friendship

The first day at college is always difficult. Often, students enter the university world not knowing a soul. To help foster friendships and communication, Coca-Cola invented a special soda bottle cap they call ‘Friendly Twist.’ Drinkers can only open their bottle by finding another bottle with a matching cap to unlock their Cokes, and hopefully, become friends. This commercial has just gone viral with over one million views!


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May 272014
People Try Red Bull For The First Time

If you’re a young person, the odds are you’ve enjoyed an energy drink or two. That inspired BuzzFeed to hold a taste test with a few young people who have never tried the world’s most popular energy drink that gives them wings, Red Bull, to see what they think of it. “Tastes like bad decisions.”


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