Jun 062013

Fake celebrity pranks never get old. The web just loves laughing at celebrity-worshiping fools, especially when the foolish end up swooning over an impostor.

The Fake Celebrity Time Square Prank from last year is a great example, and stands with over 4.9 million views

Now, Detroit radio station Mojo In The Morning has instantly gone viral pranking downtown Detroit with a very good Ryan Gosling doppelgänger.

They didn’t cheat and say anything about Ryan Gosling, all they did was dress their look-alike in his signature shades and hoodie, and surrounded him with bodyguards and managers while apparently working downtown on a new movie. At first just a few girls take notice and ask for an Instagram, but quickly more people take notice. 


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Aug 232012

Every time the news or entertainment channels show clips of a famous actor downtown somewhere, there’s always a huge crowd. Girls screaming, body guards pushing, paparazzi photoing. It’s craziness. 

Brett Cohen wondered what it would be like become a super star, and decided he was going to find out. He enlisted the the help from his friends, and, together, pranked Times Square. 

Dressed in typical celeb flashy stylist garb, Brett took to 42nd St. with a whole entourage. It wasn’t long before he was being barraged by stupid girls wanted a photo with the big ‘celeb.’

The idea has been successfully done before at a suburban mall, but nothing like this on such a large scale. 

The video has just gone viral today, and is covered on NYDailyNews, Reddit, and DailyPicks.


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Jun 202012

San Diego Sales and Marketing Consultant Steel Smith Group stumbled upon a beautiful musical moment late one night last week in downtown San Diego.

With just her mic and guitar, Charlie Rae performed her touching music for those lucky enough to stumble upon her. Consider yourself lucky. In just a week, the video has 400,000 hits


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