Dec 042013
What It’s Like To Work At A Suicide Hotline In Australia

This dramatic clip from the Australian documentary Suicide And Me: Opening Shot 2 has gone viral.

The short video, published online by Staple Fiction, showcases a social worker answering the call of a distressed girl at a suicide hotline. 

“It is hard not knowing what happened. But at least you know you’ve done the best you can.” 


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Nov 282013
The Real Walter White Documentary

The name Walter White has become well known after the success of Breaking Bad. But before the show even premiered in 2008, the real Walter White was already cooking some of the best illegal substances in rural parts of Alabama. 

The alternative media crew of VICE investigates the real Walter in this viral documentary that has garnered over 600,000 hits in one day. 


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Nov 112013
The Power Outage That Left 50 Million Without Electricity Documentary

In 2003, a chain reaction power plant failure left 50 million people without power across the North American east coast. The outage struck from Ottawa, Canada to Cleveland, to New York City. 

But what happened? How did two major superpowers apparently succumb to such a third world problem?

Ten years later, The New York Times delves deep into the history making blackout that many have not forgotten in this new documentary


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Nov 112013
Elderly Man Explains The Nature Of His Pet Fox

 of LPSCreativeMedia presents this enlightening video about the misunderstood fox. 

The clip showcases an elderly man who has adopted a rescued fox. He explains that the fox is often painted in children stories as the villain when in fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“The fox looks like a dog, purrs like a cat. But in fact is neither. They have the nicest nature of any animal I have eve met.”


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Nov 062013
Teen With Serious Stammer Finds His Voice By Listening To Music On ‘Educating Yorkshire’

This clip from Channel 4′s documentary series Educating Yorkshire has gone viral after being reposted on YouTube by YorkshireLad19.

The powerful finale features 16 year old Musharaf Asghar who suffers from a serious stammer.

His teacher Mr Burton was inspired by The King’s Speech to have Mushy attempt his crucial GCSE speech while listening to music with headphones. 

Like magic, Mushy struggles, but finally gets the words out. 


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