Jan 192015
Disabled Boy Incredibly Plays Piano Using His Eyes

The Japanese are famous around the world for their impressive technological inventions. Eye Play The Piano is a brand new invention by the Japanese University of Tsukuba and FOVE that allows disabled people to literally play the piano with their eyes.

Using a special set of goggles similar to a virtual reality head set, the user plays the piano by simply looking at the different pictures that represent each note. High tech eye tracking software understands each blink as an input and plays the electric piano. 


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Jan 162015
clone trooper

Liam Porter was born missing part of his left arm, but now he has a brand new hand thanks to new 3D printing technology and kind Samaritans on the the Internet. As Liam is a huge Star Wars fan, the troopers of the Georgia garrison of the 501st Legion were the ones who presented him with his new Star Wars clone trooper-themed prosthetic arm.

Now, this video by Augusta Chronicle has gone viral with over 350,000 hits!


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Nov 172014
Girl In Wheelchair Spoofs ‘All About That Bass’ As ‘All About That Chair’

Heather Schouten has been paralyzed from the waist down since she was in a car accident as a little girl. But instead of letting her disability get the best of her, Heather has remained an upbeat and positive teenager. She even spoofed Meghan Trainor‘s one hit wonder All About That Bass with a wheelchair spin on the pop song in this uplifting music video


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Nov 132014
Deaf African Teen Learns Sign Language

Patrick Otema is fifteen years old and was born deaf. Sadly, there are no schools for deaf children in the remote area in Uganda where he lives reports Britain’s Channel 4. As a result, Patrick has never had a real conversation in his life. But a deaf teacher changeed all that. Raymond Okkelo traveled to his village to teach the less fortunate deaf community sign language and change their lives for the better forever. 


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Sep 232014
Boy With Williams Syndrome Connects With Horse

Roni‘s son suffers from Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes developmental delays and social issues. He has been working with horses for 15 years, but has never seen a horse connect with a person like when his son approached one of his new steeds. The horse seemed to have the emotional intelligence to be extra soft and sensitive with the special boy.

Now, this emotional clip has gone viral!  


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