Mar 252016
Jurassic Carpark

The ‘dinosaur costume prank’ has been done over and over online. It’s basically an Internet classic. But that doesn’t make it any less funny still. So when comedians Hamish & Andy got their hands on one of the high end costumes they made good use of it by scaring the pants off of innocent people walking to their car in one of the scariest places already, the parking garage. 


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Oct 132015
Honest Trailer Of Jurassic World

There’s no question one of the most popular films this summer, and perhaps this year, is Jurassic World. Even though the sequel to Jurassic Park was a huge hit, it still wasn’t perfect. 

The movie nerds of Screen Junkies review the film, and give Jurassic World a more honest trailer


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Aug 232015
Jurassic World In Lego

You don’t have a successful Hollywood film until someone on YouTube recreates it in stop motion using everyone’s favorite toy brick, Lego. Thankfully, Lego nerd BrotherhoodWorkshop has stepped forward to do just that. In this viral clip, they cover the entire plot from the summer dinosaur blockbuster in just 90 seconds. Rawr! 


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