Jun 202012

Identical twins Michael and Christopher Jones, better known by their online musical personas Wax and Herbal T, enlisted Herbal T’s toddler son to help make their latest track. 

Titled MILK IN MY SIPPY CUP, the rap duo made an adorable hip hop song with the beat and music video expertly mixed from the sights and sounds of their cute son/nephew playing. 

The new video is already featured on TheDailyWhat, Mashable, HyperVocal, and HuffingtonPost


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Jun 192012

Everyone knows that chimps and human share a common ancestor, but when a baby interacts with a chimp, one can truly see the powerful connection between the species. 

 posted this video last week, but it only went viral this weekend, standing with over 120,000 views


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Jun 192012

Kameron Slade is only ten years old, but he is wise beyond his years. When his Queens school held a speech contest, the fifth grader chose same sex marriage as his topic, and wrote how everyone should have the same right to get married.

But his principal felt otherwise and didn’t allow the topic to be heard at the contest. Thankfully, NY1 gave the young man a voice and now he has been heard nationwide.


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Jun 172012

Published just a week ago, this video already has over three million views. That makes sense once it’s understood that this is a Coca Cola commercial.

As part of their international Open Happiness campaign, this commercial features security cameras from around the world that captured fun and uplifting videos

Music is by Roger HodgsonGive a Little Bit.


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