Jun 122012

 and his girlfriend are both paleontologists, and, unsurprisingly, love Jurassic Park. As a fun vacation, he surprised his girl with a trip to the original filming location for the excavation scene at the beginning of Jurassic Park, fictitiously named Snakewater, Montana. 

Once finally there, he convinced her to reenact the “annoying kid” scene on camera. She had no idea he had much more planned.

Of course, she said yes. The adorably nerdy proposal video just went viral this week, and is covered on Vulture, Neatorama, Guyism, and MarySue


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Jun 112012

Keith A. Hopkin went viral back last December with his Dogs Sticking Their Heads Out The Window In Slow Motion video that now stands with over one million views

Now, he’s back with another similar video, only this time it was taped in California. Phantom Planet‘s California appropriately plays as the dogs take in the fresh Cali air. The video is featured by YouTube, Buzzfeed, and OhMiDog.


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Jun 112012

It’s very popular for new parents to post their kid’s first taste of a lemon. The kids usually freak out from the sour sensation. 

Little Noah is now trending, but he didn’t get a lemon. Noah got his first root beer, and he’s very excited about it! The video is featured on TheDailyWhat, StuffISTole, and Slog


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Jun 082012

YouTuber , who just happens to be the publisher for the Canadian Lego Man Goes To Space video, just released their second video.

With the help of classmates and friends, Matthew decorated the halls of his high school with over 1,500 balloons to ask Tina out to prom. The adorable video is covered by HuffingtonPost


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