Jan 132015
2,014 Mousetraps And 2,015 Ping-Pong Balls

In honor of the new year, Press Association teamed up with Pepsi Max to create this epic chain reaction video. The crew tirelessly set up 2,014 mousetraps with a ping-pong ball on each one. Finally, they dropped one more ball, for a total of 2,015 in honor of the new year, to set off the ultimate chain reaction. Glorious! 

This new year’s video has only gone viral now with over 4.75 million hits!


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Jan 112015
BMW’s Laser Headlights Are From The Future

Cars have come with headlights for almost as long as they’ve been mass produced. For decades car lights haven’t changed at all. But BMW is ready to step into the future. They showed off their brand new laser headlights technology on the BMW M4 sports car at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and wowed the audience with its impressive dynamic capabilities. 


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Jan 092015
Deliverymen Slide Down Hill On Cases Of Beer

What do you do when you have countless cases of beer to delivery, but you have to go down a steep hill? You could try to carefully carry each case down the hill one by one, or you can be daring like these delivery men. Even though they had to deliver many cases of beer in glass bottles, they stacked up three or four cases at a time and literally rode them like a sled down the hill. Genius!


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Jan 092015
Giant Homemade Redneck Margarita Machine Using Garbage Disposal Is Genius

There’s a famous saying online that goes “if it’s stupid, and works, it’s not stupid.” That line certainly applies to this homemade margarita machine. The giant, 10 gallon ‘red neck’ machine is made out of two water coolers and a 1.5 horse power garbage disposal.

Absolutely genius! This older video from 2012 has only gone viral now just in time for the weekend!  


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Jan 092015
Drone Flyer Jumps In Lake And Catches Drone Just Before It Ran Out Of Powe

Secretly, all adults are just kids in bigger bodies. We like to play with toys still, just bigger, cooler, more expensive ones. So when Zwier Spanjer got his brand new new DJI phantom 2 drone, he spent the entire day flying it around. He was having so much fun he didn’t pay attention to the power meter.

That’s when disaster almost struck as the weak drone started to slowly descend into a lake. Lucky, Spanjer jumped into the water and caught the expensive machine just before it got wet. For the cherry on top, the camera caught the entire scene on video which has instantly gone viral. 


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