Oct 242015

Crazy British inventor Colin Furze is finally back with another dose of outrageousness. There are countless fictitious weapons and tools in video gaming, from lightsabers, to super laser guns, to warp cannons. Assassin’s Creed has some seriously cool weapons, and Colin has brought two of them to life in this new video: a super sweet hidden retractable arm blade and a rope launcher.  


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Oct 232015
Motorcyclist Stops Traffic To Save Small Kitten

Have you ever been driving down the road and a squirrel runs across the street? It’s a terrible feeling when you’re not sure if you hit the little guy. Motorcyclist E511 was biking around town when he noticed a tiny kitten in the middle of a busy intersection. He immediately jumped into to action to stop traffic and save the little cat. Now, the subsequent video taken from his helmet camera has gone viral with over two million hits!


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Oct 222015
Michael J. Fox Models the First Self-Lacing Nike MAG

One reason why Back To The Future is so popular with people of all ages is because it did such a good job showing products we all love in a new, futuristic light. Like in Part 2 when Marty enjoyed a ‘Pepsi Perfect’ or when he put on those super cool self tying Nikes. Well, as the ‘future’ is now, Nike has finally launched the shoes with the power laces. It was fitting that Michael J Fox was the first one to try them on. So cool!


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Oct 222015
How To Sneak Into A Theme Park

Theme parks are more fun than ever these days. They’re packed with high tech rides and attractions, and backed by big studios and entertainment companies who bring all your favorite fictional characters to life. The only problem is the price. It can be quite expensive just to get in. This might not be the most ethical idea ever, but The Hacks Of Life explains how to enjoy a day at a theme park without parting with much money


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Oct 192015
Girl’s Cinderella Costume Transformation Is Genius

It wasn’t that long ago that extreme fans who dressed up as their favorite fictional characters were considered, well, weirdos. But now, cosplaying has become a favorite pastime. Even those who aren’t into the hobby can appreciate seeing famous recognizable characters from movies, video games, and books come to life. Bubbly Bee Cosplays is one talented fan. Just watch as she spins and in seconds transforms from Cinderella dressed in her work clothes into Princess Cinderella at the balls. Well done!


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