Apr 202015
Ex-Cops Smoke Weed

The way the country looks at marijuana is changing. It was only a few decades ago when most Americans were against the plant. Now, the majority of Americans think it should be legalized, and states like Colorado, Alaska, and Washington have already taken the law into their own hands by legalizing the recreational use of pot. 

Cut Video traveled to Washington state where it is perfectly legal to have three ex-cops smoke some herb. The results are beyond entertaining. 


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Apr 192015
Homeless Man Giving Passersby Money Experiment

Most people in big cities are accustomed to seeing homeless people on the side of the street asking for spare change. That got prankster Yousef of Fousey Tube thinking. How would people react if they were not asked for money by a homeless person, but were instead offered cash? Yousef dressed as a homeless man and found out. The results may surprise you. 


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Apr 182015
Silverback Gorilla Smashing Into Glass Barrier At The Zoo Is Terrifying

YouTuber BULL DOGG took the kids to the zoo for a fun day out. While they were watching the gorilla exhibit, the silverback didn’t seem to enjoy his privacy being infringed upon. Without warning, the great ape charged towards the glass barrier where the kids were, leaving the glass with a giant crack! This scary video has gone viral with over 7 million views!


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Apr 172015
Woman Finds Her Twin Stranger Doppelgänger Online And Meets Her

Just a few weeks ago, three friends started a unique challenge to find their Twin Strangers or doppelgängers online. Submissions from around the world quickly started to pour in. Niamh’s twin stranger was so similar the two decided to meet in real life. 

Now, this new video has gone viral with over 3.5 million hits!


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