Jan 132015
Macklemore Performs Thrift Shop Cover On Sesame Street

Macklemore’s debut hit song that launched him into the spot light has already come and gone. Still, Sesame Street has only now teamed up with the famous Thrift Shop rapper to spoof the song with Oscar the Grouch. Naturally, the two rap about garbage in this music video


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Jan 062015
Wake Me Up By Avicii Covered On Two Cellos Is Awesome

The cello is a beautiful instrument, but it usually doesn’t stand well alone. Most of the time, the cello plays in the background to add depth and bass to a song. But the exclusive cello musicians of 2CELLOS are able to take the string instrument to a place no one else can. They just recently debuted this cover of Avicii’s Wake Me Up and knocked the song out of the park! 


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Jan 062015
Two Guys Perform Metal On Children’s Instruments

Two men from Pasquale Custom Guitars showed off their heavy metal skills using some unexpected instruments. They performed a very metal cover of Slayer using very pink children’s instruments. It’s amazing that drum set didn’t break! This video has gone viral with over 750,000 hits and counting!


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Dec 312014
The Cup Song Performed With Guns

When I’m Gone, more commonly known as The Cup Song or simply Cups, was a popular musical trend started by the movie Pitch Perfect and Anna Kendrick that swept the Internet. But like all memes, it came and went. Firearms enthusiast Jim Huish has brought the song back with a very unexpected twist. He performed the song, not with a cup for percussions, but with his trusty P22 pistol and a slew of other firearms. 


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Dec 262014
Top 33 Pop Songs Of 2014 In 3 minutes

The year is finally ending. Time to review all of the best from the past 12 months. Film maker Eric Thayne teamed up with musicians Ashley Hess, David Osmand, and James Curran to cover the best pop songs from 2014. They found 33 songs that they felt deserved recognition and packed them all into this three minute music video montage.  


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