Jul 172014
Kurt Hugo Schneider And Max Schneider ‘Problem’ By Ariana Grande

There’s no doubt that Problem by Ariana Grande is one of the summer’s hottest pop songs. It’s hard to do go anywhere, be it the beach, the grocery store, or the club, without hearing the catchy tune. Popular YouTube musicians Kurt Hugo Schneider and Max Schneider have teamed up to slow the song down and offer listeners a much more emotional version of the song. Their cover has instantly gone viral!


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Jul 172014
Giant Musical Family Wows The Audience Of America’s Got Talent Performing ‘My Favorite Things’

Forget the Von Trapp family! They’ve got nothing on the very real Willis Clan. The Willis Clan is a musical family of twelve siblings, ranging in age from 21 all the way down to the adorable 3 years old. While on America’s Got Talent, the twelve person band naturally sang the famous The Sound of Music musical hit, My Favorite Things

The judges and audience couldn’t get enough of them, and now the video has over 3.3 million views


Via MostWatchedToday

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Jul 162014
1950′s Style Cover Of ‘Rude’ By Magic!

There’s something about 1950′s music that is just magical. Realizing this, pop music cover artist Scott Bradlee and his band The Postmodern Jukebox decided to give Magic!’s new hit Rude a 1950′s makeoverVon Smith guest stars as lead singer and knocks the song outta the park. 


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Jul 152014
‘All I Do Is Farm’ Spoofs ‘All I Do Is Win’

When they’re not feeding the cows, harvesting the wheat, or tuning the tractors, The Peterson Farm Bros like to get their pop music on. Over the years, the social media fluent farmers have made a name for themselves on YouTube with their hilarious farm-themed pop music parodies. This time, the brothers cover the hit rap song All I Do Is Win. Instead of win, all these boys do is farm.


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