Feb 242014
3D Printing Of Metal Is Crazy Cool

These days, most people have heard of 3D printing. But nearly all 3D printing going on now is of plastics.

Joris Laarman Lab has just introduced muti-axis 3D printing of metal

Besides changing manufacturing forever, it’s also quite a sight to see.

Crazy cool is an understatement!


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Feb 232014
Dad Makes Song Awesome Mission Control Desk

Jeff High Smith of Makezine wanted to make his son a homework desk with an added bonus and was more than successful.

After work is complete, the desk transforms into the coolest spaceship mission control desk any kid could dream of. 

The desk includes countless NASA-themed buttons, buzzers, switches, lights and sound effects. 

Best dad ever!


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Feb 152014
Evolution Door Opens And Closes By Transforming Flip Panels

This video by Klemens Torggler was posted in 2013, but has only gone viral recently this past week with over 1.6 million new views

The quick clip demonstrates the evolution door which is made up of four triangles on hinges. To ‘open’ or ‘close’ the door, the user lightly pushes the edge to bend the triangles and flip the door to the side. 



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Feb 062014
How To Make A Mind Blowing Rolling Illusion Toy

The Web’s most famous illusionist, Brusspup, demonstrates how to make his latest illusion–based on the Sin that was designed by Peer Clahsen–for viewers at home in his latest video

All you need is some glue, sand paper, and two styrofoam rings. Glue the rings together as demonstrated and you’re in business. Paint them with glow in the dark paint for even more fun!


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