Oct 132014
Man Makes His Own Toll Road In England

After a landslide occurred on Kelston Road in England, several small towns were cut off from the city of Bath. There’s a detour, but it’s 14 long miles to get around. The reconstruction will take at least 3 more months. One man decided to take advantage of the detour by making his own toll road, explains Tom Scott. Genius! He owned the land by the closed road and turned the 14 mile detour into a one minute detour. Of course you have to pay. His very short toll road is even on Google Maps!


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Sep 142014
Awesome Fountain In Chicago Leverages laminar flow

Destin of Smarter Every Day was shopping at a mall in Chicago when he stumbled upon an ‘awesome’ fountain by the escalator. At first glance the fountain actually looks like glass tubes, but really it just water that doesn’t break apart because of the fluid dynamics concept of laminar flow. So cool!


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Sep 052014
What Happens When You Insert A Coin Into Block Of Dry Ice

Dry ice is great for performing science experiments at home. One must be safe with the super cold solid form of carbon dioxide, but at the same time, you can have a lot of fun with it. White Dee demonstrates the awesome reaction that occurs when you insert a coin in a block of dry ice. So cool! 


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Aug 252014
Best Dad Ever Makes Homemade Hovercraft For His Kids

Papa has just won the best dad in the neighborhood award. After some hard work, he has finished the second version of his homemade hovercraft made from a polystyrene insulation board, a hand blower, and a rope to steer. Naturally, his young son loves the ride!


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Aug 252014
SKULLY AR-1 Smart Motorcycle Helmet Is From The Future

The future is here. For the past couple years, auto makers have been racing to update their cars with new information and entertainment technologies. But what about motorcycles? Helmet company SKULLY has just introduced their new smart motorcycle helmet. The seemingly standard helmet packs tons of technology into the safety device, including an active heads up display, GPS, smartphone connectivity, and more!

This commercial has gone viral with over 1.4 million views!


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