Dec 182014
Land Rover’s New 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen Is From The Future

SUV company Land Rover’s parent company Jaguar has just introduced a brand new technology that may very well be from the future. Called 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen, the new visual aid offers drivers a better view with digitally enhanced ‘transparent’ pillars, a Heads-Up display, and even a better navigation system that offers a digital ghost car to follow for easy directions.

This new promotional video has instantly gone viral with over one million hits!


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Dec 082014
Oil Rig Worker Lights Top Of Rig With Perfect Flare Shot

Most people who have seen oil rigs in movies or on the news are used to seeing a fire on top of the rig chimney. That’s because workers have to burn off the unwanted gases released by pressure valves. But how do they light that fire? They do it with a difficult flare shot. 

Stein Ivar Vangberg posted this video in the summer, but it has only gone viral now with over 200,000 new views! It seems the worker completely missed the mark with her flare shot, but moments later it becomes apparent that she hit the perfect area to light the gas. Nice shot!


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Nov 172014
Life Under Thermal Camera Is Way Cooler Than Regular Life

You haven’t seen the world until you’ve seen it under the lens of a thermal camera. Everything looks like what the Predator sees. You know, the sci-fi alien who can only see heat? The lucky folks at BuzzFeed got their hands on a sweet FLIR thermal camera, and recorded the heat signatures of everyday activities, such as making coffee, taking a shower, running on treadmill, and more. The results are glorious. The best part? Peeing on a wall for sure. 


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Nov 102014
Lyrebird Makes Awesome Laser Sounds

The Lyrebird is known in the animal kingdom as being the greatest copycat in the wild. The BBC covered the bird’s amazing mimicking abilities back in 2007. The bird can recreate almost any sound it ever hears. Wen Hao Lee saw a lyrebird in the wild that had the uncanny ability to make laser gun sounds.  


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