Jul 022015
Conan Watches ‘Magic Mike XXL’ With His Female Staffers

It’s no secret that Channing Tatum’s new movie, Magic Mike XXL, is a movie perfect for a girls’ night out. So it’s no surprise that all the women on the staff of Conan have been giddy with excitement over the release of hot sequel. After hearing so much about it, Conan decided to join his female staffers for a midnight showing


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Jun 162015
Conan Plays Halo 5: Guardians

Halo has been one of the hottest video game franchises ever since the original came out on the first X Box. Late night host Conan O’Brien was lucky enough to get his hands on the upcoming sequel, Halo 5: Guardians, which isn’t set to debut until October 27. Since the game is made for multiplayer action, Conan invited the crew from HBO’s comedy Silicon Valley to take part in an epic red vs blue tournament


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Jun 152015
Conan Makes Bryce Dallas Howard Talking About Home Depot

Only the best actors are able to cry on demand. As a result, Hollywood often uses trick to make it appear an actor is crying by adding ‘tears’ with an eye dropper or even pulling a hair. But Bryce Dallas Howard doesn’t need those trick. Her ability to cry on demand is simply uncanny. To prove her ability, she had Conan chat with her about something innocuous, like Home Depot, and sure enough the tears started to flow


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May 212015
Conan Says Thank You To David Letterman

It’s over, David Letterman has finally ended his popular late night program on CBS. Many other late night hosts honored Dave last night on their own shows. In this video, Conan O’Brien says goodbye to David, and thanks him for helping kick off his own late night career back in the 1990’s by being a guest on the Late Night With Conan O’Brien. 


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May 132015
Jean-Claude Van Damme Recreates His Dance Scene From ‘Kickboxer’ On Conan

Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme is famous around the world for his awesome action movies. Not so much for his dancing skills. That’s what makes his dance scene from his 80’s hit Kickboxer so memorable. While visiting Conan, Van Damme recreated the famous dance scene, and now this late night clip has gone viral with over 2 million hits in one day!


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