Jul 312013

Movie Clips Trailers traversed through countless hours of classic movie footage to go meta as the web loves. In just three minutes, they tell the story of the human experience, from birth to death, through the lens of the movie theater. 

Now, the short film, which encompasses over 150 famous movie clips, is going viral. 


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Jul 302013

Denzel Washington is one of those famous Hollywood actors with iconic and repeating character traits. One of which is Denzel’s love of a solid, money-backed guarantee. As this new compilation by OfficialComedy demonstrates, if Denzel ever loses his acting career, he can always turn to advertising. 

“I guarantee it!”


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Jul 252013

SNL used to be the pinnacle of weekend entertainment. There’s just something about live comedy that makes the timeless show so magical.

Sadly, the SNL of today simply can’t compete with the classics. Who can outperform the likes of Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, and other famous comedians. 

Slacktory is obviously huge fans of SNL as for their latest compilation video they’ve traversed through countless hours of footage to create this hilarious super cut of SNL actors breaking character


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Jul 242013

Editor Don Draper Says What has gone viral with his latest piece of work. For over three months, he traversed through hundreds of movies to cut out and edit the exact right lyrics needed to have the movies ‘sing’ the 90’s classic Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

In just two days, the new supercut video has garnered over 300,000 views, and is featured on Slate, LaughingSquid, and HuffPost


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