Oct 192013
Local News Reporting Mike Meyers New Baby Compilation

Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco is back with another compilation of the local news in America reporting the same story with the same lines. 

This time, all the local affiliates received the same story about actor Mike Meyers, most famous as Austin Powers, having a new baby.

Naturally, the media had to introduce the story as, “Mike Meyers says ‘Ya baby!‘”

Over and over and over. 

Local news, you never fail to impress with your wit and original humor. /s 

The video has exploded this weekend, and already has amassed over a quarter million views!


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Oct 182013
BatDad Vine Compilation Part 3

Will Bat Dad ever get old?

Most like not, as the web simply can’t get enough of the hilarious short clips the awesome dad playing the Dark Knight posts on his Vine account.

Instead of watching each clip on Twitter, simply enjoy the third compilation of his best BadDad Vines. 


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Oct 082013
Studying For Finals In The Navy

Studying for finals in any dorm situation is difficult with so much going on, but it’s obviously much more demanding in a Navy dorm where students have so much pent up energy. 

Arukaen posted this humorous video, Finals Week At Navy, in May but the clip is trending again now. While one roommate was attempting to study his friend did all in his power to distract him. 


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Oct 062013
Ultimate Guilty Dogs Compilation

When the first few guilty dog videos were introduced online, the web went absolutely nuts over them. Now, they have become an Internet staple with countless appearing on YouTube. 

Funny Plox did the hard work, sifting through countless guilty dog videos to produce this ultimate, best-of guilty dogs compilation

Since debuting before the weekend, the cute compilation has amassed over 350,000 views after receiving a viral boost from TastefullyOffensive


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