Jun 032013

LeBron James just can’t win online as he has again found himself in uncomfortable water after RSVLTS published this supercut featuring the NBA star.

The problem for LeBron is that the compilation is anything but flatter, as it features the MVP openly and obviously flopping over and over throughout his career.

Is this really the actions of a true basketball star?


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May 302013

The phone booth. Today, they are simply a relic of the past, but the small payphone cubicle on the streets used to be as ubiquitous in the movies as cellphones are today. 

As a homage to the glory days, Hollywood obsessed Slacktory made this compilation of phone booth scenes in the movies. After viewing countless films, they came to the definite conclusion that “in the movies, the only person safe in a phone booth is Superman.”

They warn everyone else: Don’t go in the phone booth.


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May 302013

It’s a sad, and even terrifying thought. The 2000s are over. Just as it seems the web was getting over their obsession of the 90′s. Oh well. 

As a homage to the crazy decade, rock-metal obsessed Metal rr5 traversed through 30 Guitar Riffs Of The 2000s, including hits from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sum 41, Iron Maiden, and more. 

The video has quickly amassed over 200,000 hits, and is even featured on CollegeHumor and Reddit


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May 272013

Dancing in Hollywood movies has become expected, just as cursing, sex, and explosions have. Owiseone1 put together over 75 iconic dance scenes from famous Hollywood film in this ultimate Ultimate Dancing In Hollywood Movies Supercut.

Hollywood anthem The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats appropriately plays over video. Just over the weekend the new super cut has collected over 175,000 views.  


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May 262013

The post game interview at the ballpark can be pretty dull, even for the most die hard of fans. But that’s not the case for Cincinnati Bearcats fans. The players make sure to have fun in the background of the interview to keep fans rolling their seats. 

The official Bearcats YouTube channel compiled all their most ridiculous post game interview moments, and published this hilarious video last week. Already, it has amassed over half a million views, and has appeared on UpRoxx, CBSSports, and Devour


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