May 082013

Google loves to celebrate the holidays. So in honor of Mother’s Day, the world’s most famous search engine put together this compilation of viral mom-themed videos with Tim Myers’ I Just Want to Thank You playing in the background.

Already, the two day tribute, Here’s To The Moms, has collected over 600,000 views, and has been covered on HuffPost, LaughingSquid, HyperVocal, and Babble


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May 072013

Users of the web constantly feel old. And it doesn’t matter what age you are. With a click of the mouse you can go back in time listening to music when you were a kid or watching commercials of the must have Christmas toy from your childhood.

Everyone the Internet is obsessed with the 90′s, but that’s been going on for a while now. Now, sadly, users are remembering the early 2000′s in this epic Hollywood movie-pop music megamix, REMEMBER 2002.

Remember the first American Idol? Slim Shaddy’s return? The first Star Wars? Avril Lavigne’s debut single?

Ya, we’re that old.


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May 052013

In honor of the nerdy May the Fourth holiday, The Gamer Chick published this hilarious Star Wars Informercials compilation reel. All the late night infomercial cliches viewers love to hate make an appearance with a Star Wars twist, such as the ubiquitous help-these-poor-cute-animals adverts.  

But the ‘Home Carbonite Kit’ is the main focus. Sick of your expensive food going bad in just days? Freeze it in carbonite. Neighbor’s dog keeps leaving its mess on your yard? Dip it in carbonite. 


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May 032013

The Western Internet is pretty far removed the Russian web, but every now and then a major viral video originating from Russia with makes its way over. For some reason, nearly all of them are negative, brutal, ridiculous, outrageous, and caught on a car‘s dash camera. 

ArkadiYM93 has had enough of all the negative, so they published this ultimate Russian being good people caught on dash cams. It’s a nice change from the norm, but just as intense.

It’s still Russia after all. 

The video’s Russian description roughly translate to, “Any action can be the most gracious, if there is no self-interest. Do the good deeds.”

Music is Arrival of the birds & Transformation by The Cinematic Orchestra.


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May 022013

You Tube is no longer just a video publishing site. It’s a community. A very large community of over one billion users. To celebrate how far the have come, and the incredible impact they have made so far, the official YouTube channel published this touching video about Our YouTube Community.

YouTube viral classics, such as Justin BieberCaine’s ArcadeJenna Marbles, KONY2012, It Gets Better, Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style, and more, all make a cameo in the compilation video. 


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