May 232013

Gamers have anxiously been awaiting the new XBox for years now. Finally, the new XBox One has been revealed. Unfortunately for Microsoft, fans and gamers were left with a bad initial tasting. 

Where are the new ground breaking, must have games? Where is the innovation? 

Instead, fans were force fed how great the new XOne is going to be for the family room and for TV watching. YouTuber Darkbeatdk put together this ‘highlights’ reel from the unveiling that explains in just two minutes why so many dedicated gamers are upset with the big M. 

In just one day, the video has garnered over 2.5 million hits


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May 222013

For months the web has been in a frenzy over the cult favorite TV show Arrested Development returning with a new season on Netflix.

Dedicated fans have been touting the show for years as a unique and witty comedy with long running gags strewn through the seasons. Viewers are nearly forced to marathon the show over and over to catch all the recurring Easter egg surprises. 

For those with an actual life, it may be difficult to catch up on all the recurring jokes, so Slacktory has made this Arrested Development Ubercut of the 18 most prominent running gags. 


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May 112013

Who doesn’t love watching the annoying bird mascot as the baseball park fall on their face? Simply put, mascot fails never get old.

Popular aggregate channel Amazing Life 247 asked their viewers for their favorite mascot blooper videos, and made this Ultimate Mascot Fails Compilation that is trending over the weekend.


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May 102013

In just a few hours director and writer RyanWMcHenry has gone viral. He has a long standing joke on his Twitter video Vine account creating short scenes while watching movies with Ryan Gosling in them.

With his smart phone, he would record as he ‘spoon fed’ Ryan cereal during scenes in the movie that Ryan would be making a disgusted face.

Now, Bleu bonbon tv has compiled all the best of Ryan rejecting his cereal, and the video has exploded online.

Already, the vine videos have been featured on VH1, Vulture, Cosmo, and EntertainmentWeekly.


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May 092013

It’s hard to believe that the MythBusters have been blowing stuff up and tearing down old wive’s tales for ten years now.

In honor of being on the cable wires for a decade now, MythBusters fan thomas crenshaw created this (unofficial) compilation that has already garnered over 100,000 views

Adam Savage enjoyed the video so much, he tweeted it as “the GREATEST @MythBusters FAN VIDEO TRIBUTE EVAR.” 




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