Jan 062013

One of the first popular genres in Hollywood was the brutish monster movie, from King Kong to Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster. Remix master Eclectic Method sifted through years of famous monster movies and put together this highly entertaining remix like no other. 


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Jan 042013

Highland Park, Michigan firefighter HPZ1442 has an especially tough job. Not only is Detroit is a state of emergency politically and financially, but now, arson has become a new favorite hobby for the lowlifes.

But that doesn’t matter. He still fights the good fight. He often wears a helmet cam, and now has made this 2012 compilation video of his best footage. It’s an intense ride.  


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Jan 032013

Ryan Greene is a little late to the party, but before everyone closes the book completely on 2012, he has one last ultimate wrap up viral video from the past year. 

He packed snippets from 100 of the most viewed viral videos from 2012 into one ultimate, 20 minute compilation video that is leaving viewers with nerdy feelings of nostalgia.


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Jan 022013

The new world truly is a magical place. Just a few years ago, a concept like this video didn’t even exist.

But now, people like Jeremiah JW can sift through hundreds of millions of public comments and posts from people around the world all found on one website. Twitter

To close the last year, he created this wrap up video, having Twitter speak for itself and tell the story of 2012


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Jan 012013

Funny Cats And Nice Fish is dedicated to recording all the preciousness and adorableness of their family of cats and kittens. Over the months, the kitties have had their share of falls and spills during play.

FCANF made this cute compilation of all their cats’ fails that already has over 60,000 views, and is shared by StuffIStole.


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