May 272013

Dancing in Hollywood movies has become expected, just as cursing, sex, and explosions have. Owiseone1 put together over 75 iconic dance scenes from famous Hollywood film in this ultimate Ultimate Dancing In Hollywood Movies Supercut.

Hollywood anthem The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats appropriately plays over video. Just over the weekend the new super cut has collected over 175,000 views.  


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May 262013

The post game interview at the ballpark can be pretty dull, even for the most die hard of fans. But that’s not the case for Cincinnati Bearcats fans. The players make sure to have fun in the background of the interview to keep fans rolling their seats. 

The official Bearcats YouTube channel compiled all their most ridiculous post game interview moments, and published this hilarious video last week. Already, it has amassed over half a million views, and has appeared on UpRoxx, CBSSports, and Devour


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May 262013

Humans are awesome is an ongoing genre of compilation videos featuring humans… being awesome. Countless different versions have been made over the years, but now Humansare2011 has finally brought some innovation to the viral video table. 

They published this video last week of animals being awesome, appropriately titled Animals Are Awesome Too. Viewers can’t get enough of this compilation which features exotic animals, pets performing outrageous stunts with their owners, and a kick-butt sound track.

Already, the week old video has amassed over 550,000 hits, and is covered on DailyPicks, TheAwesomer, NowMSN, and MostWatched


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May 232013

Gamers have anxiously been awaiting the new XBox for years now. Finally, the new XBox One has been revealed. Unfortunately for Microsoft, fans and gamers were left with a bad initial tasting. 

Where are the new ground breaking, must have games? Where is the innovation? 

Instead, fans were force fed how great the new XOne is going to be for the family room and for TV watching. YouTuber Darkbeatdk put together this ‘highlights’ reel from the unveiling that explains in just two minutes why so many dedicated gamers are upset with the big M. 

In just one day, the video has garnered over 2.5 million hits


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May 222013

For months the web has been in a frenzy over the cult favorite TV show Arrested Development returning with a new season on Netflix.

Dedicated fans have been touting the show for years as a unique and witty comedy with long running gags strewn through the seasons. Viewers are nearly forced to marathon the show over and over to catch all the recurring Easter egg surprises. 

For those with an actual life, it may be difficult to catch up on all the recurring jokes, so Slacktory has made this Arrested Development Ubercut of the 18 most prominent running gags. 


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