Mar 252014
Which Celeb Peed In A Glass Jar Local New Compilation

Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco is at it again, demonstrating one more time just how scripted the local news has become. 

But this maybe the most ridiculous story any news producer could have purchased. 

The anchors even seem to realize what they are saying is complete nonsense as they read the teleprompter and try to maintain a straight face. 

Which celeb did what in a glass jar??


You can just see it on their faces. Is this why I majored in broadcast journalism? 


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Mar 122014
Micro Pig Compilation Is The Cutest Ever

British YouTuber Caroline Chaplin of Pet Piggies is the lucky owner of a micro pig farm. That means instead of puppy or kitten videos, she gets to play with permanently small, cuddly, and adorable piggies!

This super cute compilation of her pets will leave you jealous for a micro pig of your own. 


Via Facebook.

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Mar 112014
One Girl Performing 14 Music Genres Will Blow Your Mind

Finn singer Sara is one talented girl. She can sing in a variety of musical genres, ranging from R&B to Indian to rap to opera. 

She demonstrates her dramatic abilities in this new trending video, One Girl, 14 Genres, which has already amassed over 450,000 hits


Via YouTubeTrends

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