Apr 022013

The musical nerds at CDZA turned inwards to create a medley like no other. They traverse countless popular hits, and string them together into one performance by changing the key of the music at each node that is shared.

Disney classics, The Backstreet Boys, and more are all covered in the unique compilation

It’s one of those things you have to see, and hear, for yourself to understands, and already over a quarter million people have experienced the Epic Key Change.

It is further featured on LaughingSquid, BoingBoing, DigitalSpy, and CBSNews


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Mar 312013

To promote the second season of their popular show Dumt & Farligt – Again, Euro TV station Zululicious published this highlights reel of super slow motion footage from the second season of the Danish TV show. As the web can’t get enough of super slow motion footage, the two week old compilation video has already collected over half a million views


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Mar 282013

The artsy musicians at CDZA traversed through pop music‘s greatest product placement hits and compiled them all into this Hip Hop Shopping Spree music video which is going viral. 

Mark from The Key To Awesome guest stars as one of the singers who ‘goes shopping’ with their hip hop lyrics. 

Schmoyoho, most famous as the creators of Auto-Tune The News, adds, “Total after sales tax: $61,693,807.33. don’t forget about that extra $5 million guys, could put you over budget.”


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Mar 232013

Raider Zahos is an obvious fan of the NFL who loves the new Sound FX feature when the players are put under the microphone for the fans to hear.

He sifted through countless hours of NFL footage from the 2012 season, and made this compilation of the Best NFL Sound FX from the players being recorded. 

The two month old compilation has erupted over the weekend, and has already accumulated over 200,000 views


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Mar 222013

Will Sasso, famous from his days on MAD TV, has a very bizarre, yet hilarious, ongoing lemon-themed gag on his Vine account.

Vine, of course, is the new ultra short video app on Twitter that gives users just six seconds to post a video. 

Alex Davidson compiled all of Will’s lemon videos into this one ultimate Will Sasso Lemon Compilation that just screams WTF? Of course, the Internet loves WTF, and now the compilation is going viral.

Country pop princess Taylor Swift and the goat meme even make a small guest appearance.


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