Jan 282013

Gifs have always been popular to pass around online, but now a trend of gifs with sounds has emerged.

It’s been done before, but CompilarizTV wanted to give it a shot, so here is their compilation of humorous gifs with added music and sounds that seem to fit perfectly.  


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Jan 232013

Nearly all of the northern states in the US are experiencing a snowy Arctic blast from our friends in Canada. Which is perfect timing for The Poke, as they have just published this compilation video appropriately titled The People vs Winter.

The new video is already featured on BitsAndPieces, TastefullyO, HuffPost, StuffIStole, and MostWatched


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Jan 222013

In 2010, Hadouken The Band published People Are Awesome, and quickly went viralviral. At this point in time, the video has collected over 55 million hits

Since then, People Are Awesome compilations of extreme human actions and athletics have become a viral trend.

But none compare to the original. Finally, the authentic sequel has been posted. People Are Awesome 2013.  


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Jan 222013

NSFW Warning – language

Breaking Bad continues to be one of the most popular cable shows of choice for the web. Axilrod is obviously a fan, as he made this compilation of nearly every time Jesse Pinkman screams ‘b*itch’ in the show. The compilation was posted in November, but has only started to trend now.  


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Jan 172013

NSFW Warning – Language

When a news-person slips up and swears on the air on accident, there’s just something so much more enjoyable about the curse than if a person on the street had the filthy mouth. Naturally, there are few mistakes more funny than when an F-bomb is dropped on live air. 

Sifting through the web to find all the buried F-bomb treasures can be time consuming, so Funny Local News did the work for everyone, creating this ultimate F-Bombs on the news blooper reel


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