Oct 052015
Todrick Hall Performs Epic Rihanna Medley

Even if you aren’t really a fan of hers, there’s probably at least one song by Rihanna that you know the lyrics to. The award winning musician has hit songs from a slew of different genres. Singer Todrick Hall honors Rihanna with this trending medley music video


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Oct 012015
100 Years Of Wedding Dresses

Women have been wearing white during their wedding for ages. But that doesn’t mean the dress has looked the same. Just over the past 100 years, the style of wedding dresses have evolved and changed many times. 

Mode covers the past 100 years of wedding dresses in this trending video


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Sep 252015
One Man Performs 90 Instruments

Most of us are familiar with the piano, guitar, and drums. But there are literally countless other instruments out there from different countries and cultures around the world. Famous YouTube musician Mystery Guitar Man had the amazing opportunity to visit the Musical Instrument Museum which is home to 6,000 different instruments. He performed a famous tune with 90 instruments in this stunning music video


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Sep 222015
Todrick Hall Covers Taylor Swift’s Best Hits From 1989

Even if you aren’t a fan of Taylor Swift it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without being exposed to her music. Be it at the grocery, or watching a commercial on TV, you can’t escape T-Swift. There’s no doubt her latest album, simply titled 1989, is her hottest, easily outselling her last albums. Musician Todrick Hall pays homage to 1989 with this catchy compilation cover.


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Sep 212015
Kids Say And Do The Darndest Things Compilation

Probably the most famous saying about children is that “Kids say the darndest things.” They also do the darndest things. America’s Funniest Videos naturally has countless short clips featuring kids saying and doing hilarious things, so they put together this funny compilation that is sure to make you smile. 


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