Sep 022013
GE Science Vines Compilation

As Twitter‘s micro-video application Vine continues to boom online, GE has jumped on the bandwagon. Two weeks ago, they prompted the online community to fit as much science they could into just six seconds and hand in the Vine for GE to review. 

After debuting this compilation last week of the best science videos submitted , the project has garnered over 650,000 hits so far. Quite a success.  

The video is also featured on LaughingSquid, PopularScience, TheBlaze, and Gizmodo


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Aug 272013

Canadian sportscasters Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole have just moved to FOX Sports, and they’re turning out to be a hit. To celebrate their new success, Fox put together this The Best of Jay and Dan’s First Week video, that has already garnered over 300,000 hits. Read more on TheStar, OCanada, and YahooSports


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Aug 242013

Ijameswalters has made a name for himself online acting as Gollum the music video parody artist. He kick started his YouTube career singing I Dream A Dream as Smeagul and has been going viral since. 

Now, he has veered from his usual programming to star in his humorous compilation of supposed lost auditions from Gollum’s past. Who knew Smeagol was so close to playing Forrest Gump or Will Hunting?


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Aug 192013

After Andrew Huang went viral with his 26 Music Genres In One SongDethPopVideos was inspired to make his own.

Naturally, his video is metal themed, and traverses 26 genres of metal in one song. The two week old video is covered on LaughingSquid, DailyOfTheDay, and TheDailyWhat


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