Jul 242013

Editor Don Draper Says What has gone viral with his latest piece of work. For over three months, he traversed through hundreds of movies to cut out and edit the exact right lyrics needed to have the movies ‘sing’ the 90′s classic Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

In just two days, the new supercut video has garnered over 300,000 views, and is featured on Slate, LaughingSquid, and HuffPost


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Jul 082013

A few weeks ago, French publication ParodiePub.fr went viral with their hilarious fail compilation with the addition of Street Fighter character Blanka as the fail troll. That video stands with over 850,000 hits

After such a viral success, they have stepped forward to calm the nerves of fans with a second episode in the series. 


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Jul 082013

Now that baby monitors and cameras cost about as much as a pack of soda, nearly every baby is being watched from a plastic lens. This new trend is very helpful for parents who before couldn’t figure out how their little angel was able to get out of the crib. 

Newcaven made this cute compilation of little kids escaping from their pens, and added the classic Mission: Impossible theme music for good measure. The video actually debuted in October, but it has only gone viral now, quickly amassing over 350,000 hits.  


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Jul 032013

French YouTuber NICOLAS HUSARD published this video on the First of July, and already is has accumulated over a quarter million hits

The video features a French kitchen worker who is frightened by his coworker over and over until his pants have a permanent stain.


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