Feb 032014
Every Transformation In The Transformer Movies Compilation

The Transformers movies are by Michael Bay, so there’s no confusion what they focus on. Action, explosions, and, of course, epic vehicle transformations into sweet monster robots. 

Tunglebrek spent the time sifting through the entire trilogy, and compiled every single robot transformation into this one mesmerizing video.  


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Feb 012014
Baby Adorably Starts Dancing Every Time The Parks And Rec Theme Song Plays

LARRY GALLAGHER‘s toddler son is a huge fan of NBC’s Parks and Recreation. He doesn’t understand the show at all, but whenever the theme music starts to play he drops everything to dance, dance, dance!

Simply adorable! 


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Jan 292014
“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Local News Super Cut

Once again, Conan has proved that the ‘local’ news in America isn’t really all that local. It seems every news station gets the same stories from just one centralized source. 

This time, Conan‘s editors have compiled countless local news anchors all telling the nation the same thing.

Don’t worry, be happy.”

Somewhat disturbing. 


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Jan 252014
‘Press Start’ Is Three Hours Of Epic Nintendo Nostalgia

YouTuber NicksplosionFX spent what must have been ages to create this most epic compilation that has gone viral with over 350,000 hits

The video features every single original Nintendo game’s start screen, in alphabetical order. How many do you games do you recognize? Do you have the patience to watch all three hours


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