Apr 282015
100 Years Of Mexican Beauty

Cut Video is back with another gorgeous video from their 100 years of beauty series. This time, they cover the most popular beauty and makeup trends from Mexico of each decade over the past century. As usual, the resulting one minute compilation is simply stunning. 


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Apr 232015
Cops Sings Along With Pop Songs In Their Squad Car

Remember when a Dover Police officer went viral for singing along with Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off in his squad car? That original dash camera video stands with over 33 million hits! Now Delaware police officer Jeff Davis is back with a partner in this new viral video. The two sing along with a slew of different pop songs that has viewers smiling from ear to ear. 


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Apr 162015
Brand New Parents Surprise Extended Family That Their Baby Is Actually Twins

Korey Rademacher didn’t know if their baby was a boy or a girl. But they actually had a much bigger surprise in store for their extended family. They had twins! Two girls! This adorable compilation of their family reacting to the surprise twins is guaranteed to make you smile. It makes perfect sense this uplifting video has gone viral with over 6 million views!


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Apr 142015
Impressionist Performs Perfect Robin Williams Impressions

Impressionist Jamie Costa wanted to honor late comedian and actor Robin Williams, so he put together this impressive impressions reel from Robin’s most famous movies. It’s as if Robin is alive and kicking again. His face even looks like Robin’s.


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Mar 312015
Guy Annoys His Coworker With Cheesy Jokes

Most people play Minesweeper , Angry Birds, or Candy Crush when they’re bored at work. But this Aussie has a different hobby to make the time go by faster. He likes to bug his coworker Andrew with cheesy jokes, and record his annoyed reaction on his phone. Now, this hilariously corny compilation has gone viral with over 1.25 million views!


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