Dec 252013
Dubbed Cursing In Movies On Network Television Compilation

There’s always that immediate excitement followed by disappoint when finding your favorite movie on TV. Besides for cutting ‘unnecessary’ parts of a film to fit a certain time frame, the bad dubbed swearing really ruins the experience. 

BuzzFeed Pop made this hilarious compilation of the worst dubbed cursing in movies on TV offenders. The video features “100% real television censorship.”

Honestly, the old fashion beep would be much better. 


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Dec 232013
Country Pop Music Of 2013 Was All The Same

While making a list of the 10 Best Country Albums of 2013 list, Grady Smith noticed something sinister about most of the more mainstream country music songs. 

Like so many other forms of pop music, they all seemed to use the same simple, cheap tactics to entice listeners. He made this video demonstrating just how awful the mainstream country was this year.

Spoiler: Nearly all of the songs are about guys driving trucks and drinking beers who like girls in tight jeans. 


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Dec 192013
If Christmas Morning Was Filmed By Famous Hollywood Directors It Might Look Something Like This

Christmas morning is a classic scene depicted in countless holiday films.

That Four Grounds Media wondering. What would Christmas morning look like if it was directed by some of Hollywood’s greatest, such as Spielberg, Lars Von Trier, and many more. 

Thankfully, they made this compilation demonstrating just that. The Auteurs of Christmas.


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Dec 172013
Google Zeitgeist 2013 Wrap Up

Another year has come and gone, and a lot has happened over the past 12 months.

But the year wouldn’t be complete without Google‘s annual Zeitgeist wrap up video.

In this year’s video, the world’s most famous website reviews the memorable events and searches from 2013 in sports, entertainment, Internet culture, and politics in just 90 seconds. 

Search on. 


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