Apr 102014
Action Movie Kid Compilation

Action Movie Kid instantly went super viral two weeks ago after a computer editor dad posted adorable and amazingly edited short clips of his son doing things only an action movie kid would do. 

There were so many awesome videos to share, but they were all in separate short clips. Thankfully, dad has done the work and compiled all the best clips into one epic Action Movie Kid compilation. Share away, Internet, share away. 


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Apr 072014
Babies Tasting Lemons For First Time In Slow Motion Is The Cutest

There are literally countless videos of babies tasting lemons for the first time. But this new compilation, aptly titled Pucker, by David and April Wile and Maciborka is just too good to pass up. 

It just goes to show you that editing is as important as content if you want to go viral. 


Via Tastefullyoffensive.

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Mar 262014
Jermaine O’Neal Has One Tricky Free Throw

Jermaine O’Neal of the Golden State Warriors has one tricky free throw. It seems the other team is constantly tricked into pulling a lane violation by his de facto pump-fake shot while he’s at the free throw line. They just can’t help themselves.  

TMG put together this compilation of Jermaine pulling off his shot that has accumulated over 900,000 hits in just a few days. 


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Mar 252014
Which Celeb Peed In A Glass Jar Local New Compilation

Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco is at it again, demonstrating one more time just how scripted the local news has become. 

But this maybe the most ridiculous story any news producer could have purchased. 

The anchors even seem to realize what they are saying is complete nonsense as they read the teleprompter and try to maintain a straight face. 

Which celeb did what in a glass jar??


You can just see it on their faces. Is this why I majored in broadcast journalism? 


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