Feb 282014
Celebrity Starring In Foreign Commercials

Hollywood obsessed Screen Junkies went viral back in January with their video covering Celebrities In Commercials Before They Were Famous.

Now, Hal Rudnick has returned to review a slew of famous faces who starred in ridiculous foreign commercials from the past.


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Feb 182014
Nick Cummins Says The Craziest Things Compilation

Australian rugby footballer Nick Cummins certainly has a way with words. Rugby channel Western Force put together this hilarious compilation of Nick’s best sayings. The video has already amassed over a quarter million views

Though he speaks English, few can understand him. Does anyone speak Aussie? 


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Feb 182014
Dog Is Adorably Terrible At Catch

Yorkshire Terrier Kiwi is an adorable pup indeed. But he is no good at catch. 

His owner Brazilian Danny put together this hilarious compilation of Kiwi failing to catch a ball over and over. 

The dramatic music only makes the scene that much better. 


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Feb 182014
Logan Paul Vine Compilation Part 2

These days, you really have to pack a lot into 7 seconds to become a popular Vine creator. And that’s exactly what Vine user Logan Paul specializes in. 

After his first Vine compilation on his Official channel garnered over 6 million views, he has returned with a second montage of hilarious, nonstop 7 second bursts of comedy. 


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