May 272016
Japanese Insect Glue Trap Commercial Will Have You Asking WTF

Japan is known to make Americans go WTF, but this new commercial has even surprised Western Internet users. And that’s no small feat. To demonstrate the strength of their new sticky bug trap, EarthChemical had humans attempt to escape from the glue.

Now, this trending ad has amassed over one million hits in just a week!


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May 182016
Ear Piece Universal Translator Is Just Like The One From Star Trek

Decades ago, Star Trek showed viewers impossible science fiction. But today, many of those inconceivable futuristic items are becoming a reality. Just look at Captain Picard’s tablet computer. Now, Waverly Labs is promising something that has been dreamed about for years. A universal translator that works in real time. 


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May 032016
John Stamos Is The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

It’s almost here. Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Do you know what you’re the getting the moms in your life? In case you don’t have any idea what to get, late night host James Corden explains the perfect gift in this clip. 

Full House actor John Stamos of course! It’s like he hasn’t aged a bit!


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May 022016
M&M’S Remix Music Video

It’s been far too long. But after an extended hiatus, remix master Pogo has returned with a new project. This time, he teamed up with M&M’s and made this catchy remix of countless M&M’s commercials in honor of the 75th anniversary of the candy. 


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Apr 302016
World’s First Talking Cat Collar

It was bound to happen. After being featured in countless cartoons and science fiction shows, someone has finally created the world’s first talking cat collar. Does it accurately translate what your cat is actually saying? Probably not, but it’s the Internet so who cares?

Now, this commercial by Temptations Brand has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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