Nov 212014
Honest Bank Commercial Is Truly Honest

We all recognize a bank commercial the second the ad starts on television. The guy in the suit talking to his coworkers at the bank, bragging about how great his institution is. Norwegian bank Nordnet is a little bit different though. They want to actually be transparent, so they made this truly honest bank commercial to demonstrate that they aren’t messing around. 

“Hi, I’m a paid actor!”


Via Tastefully Offensive

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Nov 182014
SnapChat Introduces Snapcash To Easily Send Cash To Friends

Western Union is soo last century. The popular instant messaging app Snapchat has just debuted their latest feature that allows users to easily and instantly send cash to their friends. After connecting with Square, simply use the cashtag, aka the $ symbol, and the amount and hit send! It’s that easy. The company released this strange musical commercial to break the news which has instantly gone viral, but has received a negative reception.   


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Nov 142014
Nick Offerman’s Handcrafted Wood Emojis

Actor Nick Offerman is most famous for his role as Ron Swanson on NBC’s Park and Recreation. What most people don’t know is that Ron and Nick are both very similar. Nick is actually a master woodworker in real life. As part of a hilarious sketch for Conan, Nick stars in an informercial for emojis handcrafted from solid oak that you can send to your friends. Sure, the convenience of tapping out a quick IM disappears, but the recipient will never forget the message.  


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Nov 132014
Sainsbury’s World War I 2014 Christmas Commercial

World War I was called the Great War before the second World War for good reason. Millions of soldiers and civilians perished from gas, fire, and starvation. It was truly horrific. So it is extremely ironic that on Christmas Day there were unofficial ceasefires across the Western Front. Incredibly, British and German soldiers actually crossed over enemy lines to exchange gifts, chat, and sing Christmas carols with their enemies. 

Sainsbury’s recreates the first Christmas Truce in this touching Christmas viral video that already has over 2.5 million views!


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Nov 072014
Amazon Echo Is Amazon’s Answer To Siri

Siri is no longer the only computer secretary out there. Microsoft has debuted their mobile helper called Cortana, and now Amazon is getting in on the action. Instead of a mobile device, they are selling a stationary unit called Echo. The Amazon Echo does all that you’d expect from a modern AI device connected to the Internet, such as playing music, updating your calendar, checking the weather, and more. 


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