Jul 292015
Key & Peele Treats Teachers Like Pro Athletes In ‘TeachingCenter’ Spoof

People often complain how teachers are treated like dirt in our society who make very little money, while professional athletes are treated like heroes and rake in millions. It should be the other way around! Well now the Comedy Central geniuses of Key & Peele have imagined what a cable television channel might look like if we treated teachers like we do pro athletes. It’s not SportsCenter. It’s TeachingCenter. This new clip has gone viral with over one million hits already!


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Apr 302015
Amy Schumer Makes Fun Of Pop Sings That Tell Girls You Don’t Need Makeup

We’ve all heard those pop songs that tells girls they are beautiful just the way they are. You don’t need makeup they say, you’re naturally gorgeous. Comedy Central‘s Amy Schumer pokes fun at this idea with this hilarious parody boy band pop music video appropriately titled Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup. Of course the second she takes off her makeup, they change their minds. 


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Apr 102015
Key & Peele Recap Game Of Thrones In The Best Way Possible

For a while now, the Web has been giddy with excitement over the return of HBO’s popular fantasy series Game of Thrones for the fifth season. Countless others have recapped and reviewed the series to bring viewers up to speed, but no one can do it like Comedy Central‘s Key & Peele. It’s no surprise this new clip is trending. 


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Apr 012015
Martha Stewart Roasts Justin Bieber

There was one segment from Comedy Central‘s roast of Justin Bieber that had the Internet buzzing like crazy. Martha Stewart was the most unexpected guest at the festivities, but was also one of the funniest. Her segment has gone viral with over one million hits!


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Mar 052015
Adam Sandler And Bob Barker Fight In A Hospital Room

It’s been years since The Price Is Right host Bob Barker has been in the spot light. But he has returned to help raise money for autism. As every Adam Sandler fan remembers, Bob Barker guest starred in the Sandler comedy Happy Gilmore and the two had an epic fight. 

In this hilarious Comedy Central sketch for the Night of Too Many Stars, Adam visits a sick Bob in the hospital, and the two get into another over the top fight


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